Photography Fun At The Trails And Vistas Art Hike

in vlog •  2 months ago

Please join me on my latest photo adventure at the annual Trails and Vistas art hike. I've been hired to shoot the Tahoe area event for 9 years now, it's always a fun photo shoot so I thought I'd get a little video footage and talk about the gear I used. Many of the event's "keeper" photos can be seen at the end of the video.

Thank you for watching!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography



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Steemit is so blessed to have your hard work and constant positivity man. Thank you ill watch this now as im sure it will uplift my spirits as your content typically does that for me!


That's great to hear, thanks man! I hope it does the job of making you smile :) And thank you for all your hard work here on the blockchain, you rock!


The bag pipes was epic! Some really weird clouds even for Chemtrails... I loved the harp pic and how you were whispering the whole time!


Haha, yeah, I'm supposed to be invisible out there... Sean the bag piper always does an incredible job. We get ton of wild looking clouds in the mountains, lots of variety to shoot.

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I know it's fine, but it almost sounded like you weren't allowed to be taking photos, sneaking around and all.


Haha! No, I'm just not allowed to be seen by the hikers... But I got busted a few times :) Glad you got to see some of the hike. Hope things are going great son!

Awesome! Great work! Love how you share your process on the shoot and you keep it so high vibe! Cool idea having artists randomly placed along a beautiful trail. We'll have to come check it out next year. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @thecrypt0couple! Glad you liked the vid. Be sure to let me know if you do make it to the Trails and Vistas next year, I'll probably be shooting it again... Cheers!

Keep it on great to see you doing great! good wills for you!


Thank you, glad you liked that!