Developing the creativity of children | Gift Box- VIDEO TUTORIAL [SUB-ENG]

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Hello DTUBE! In this video tutorial we will learn how to make a beautiful gift box, easy and simple to make. So I invite you to enjoy this proposal where the little ones can go, little by little, developing ingenuity and approach the artistic work accompanied by their parents and / or classroom teachers.

You can make your own box and save it for the next time you should give someone a gift. This easy-to-make technique allows all kinds of decorative and utilitarian objects to be made, using recyclable cardboard, which is easy to obtain and very economical.

"Creativity helps the child find different solutions to the same problem"

¡Hola DTUBE! En este video tutorial aprenderemos cómo hacer una hermosa caja de regalo, fácil y simple de hacer. Así que los invito a disfrutar de esta propuesta donde los más pequeños pueden ir, poco a poco, desarrollando ingenio y acercándose al trabajo artístico acompañados por sus padres y / o docentes.

Puedes hacer tu propia bolsa y guardarla para la próxima vez que debas darle un regalo a alguien. Esta técnica de fácil elaboración, permite realizar todo tipo de objetos decorativos y utilitarios, empleando cartón reciclable, que es fácil de conseguir y muy económico.

"La creatividad ayuda al niño a encontrar diferentes soluciones para el mismo problema"





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waooo… This is really time taken video with efforts, you make my day lovely because I learn new craft with new tools especially the gun gum lol cheers 🍻 keep it up. @kpine @eu-africa

Thanks for youur support friend! Blessings!

I am loving the creativity of your crafts. They keep getting better. I am so proud of how far you have come with these and the videos are such a great way to show them.

Great video honey, congratulations!!

Thanks honey!

Me encantan tus videos! Soy amante de las manualidades. Te felicito!

Gracias por el apoyo amiga!

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I admire women who have a creativity and know how to always surprise, you do a wonderful job

This is a great idea :) thanks for sharing!

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