Dtube Vlog | Becoming A Creator! How difficult is it? 3 tips for creators and consumers

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Hi Steemians, my name is Santy Rouge, and today I want to share with you what I think about becoming a creator, and gives you my vision of three things that make have the feet on the floor. As I say in somewhere on the video, this is important to consumers who ask themselves, How difficult is it? Where can I start to becoming in creator of my passion?
So I wanna say thanks to all of you for your time! you are great people arrownd here and I like to read your coments!
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I love you guys...
-Santy Rouge-

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Very useful your post, I think it will be very helpful to all those who start as creatives and consumers, thanks for lighting this way, my best regards

Thank you for your valuable information, really inspiring your message. Thanks for sharing, a hug!

People think being a creator is easier than it actually is. I have spent hundreds of hours doing courses on how to shoot video, edit video, graphics, social media marketing and and and... I am lucky that the content I make is around what I love and its also my job. Dance and Performing Arts. I make the content on the side as a hobby to help promote ourselves but more to create awareness around the arts and inspire others. So for me the content is plenty and finding topics or content to make is easy.

If your going to make content you need to make it around what you love, then you need to study and get better at making content. This partly comes with time and just making content.

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Truly Appreciated your comment a lot and your way of seeing the creation of content. Continues growing and saying about your passions, Greetings!

thanx for information bro love it

It's great that its be useful for you! thanks

If you really want something, you can do it. Dreams come true :)

Yes, it is. Everything you love to work on, grow without effort! thanks for your comment

Great video you are right about everything you said especially asking for help you might find more out than you asked for

Yes, you are right! is all about contribution to make this life better than allready is! thanks for your comment bro!