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RE: [Vlog] Crypto & Cardio #1 - EOS and the 'messy' birth of decentralised Blockchains

in #vlog4 years ago (edited)

@nanzo-scoop Seems EOS is the crypto getting all the headlines this year and it's growth has been exponential in a rather dull market this year too.. I'm somebody who feels like he missed the EOS bus. .. The platform looks good and it seems to be finding a lot of takers, and who knows, might just knock out Ethereum someday given its advantages over Ethereum .. Thinking of waiting for a dip below $10 to get in..


Predicting a dip... one of the hardest things in crypto... I'm still waiting for Ethereum to dip below $2 again! 😂

haha.. I can see where you are coming from..

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