Note to Self: Remember to Play Occassionally

in #vlog6 years ago

A Vixen and 2 kits playing in the early evening.
Outside town limits, Frankford, Ontario Canada.

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looking so is also nice.keep it up @rebaccaryan

So cool!!
Nice view!!!

That is so rare. Just as you have said.
So delightful.
And your choice of the accompanying music makes it all even more appealing and so captivating.
Just as I had written earlier.
Special happenings and special delights for very special people.
Of the which you lead the pack by several measurements.
Thank you.
May your path always be filled with amazing wonders.


Wow that's really cool and the ways you capture its amazing

amazing video.....
thanks for share..

Time to play play!

This was a nice video

that is very nice click happy playing amazing video this video make me happy very nice work rebeccaryan

excellent video! thanks for sharing!

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