Why I'm Going ALL IN On DTube & Steemit In 2018

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I want to make 2018 my biggest year on social media yet, which should not be hard. To be honest it probably already is but I'm just more motivated to work even harder. I will be putting most of my attention into DTube and I explain a bit why in the video.

I have invested a lot of time into DTube the past two months.
I think the most important thing you can invest is time. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. Spend your time on things you believe in and want to improve at.
Let me know what you think in the comments and give me some video ideas if you have any!
Thanks for watching!

▶️ DTube

You will probably do very good on Steemit and D.tube.

I had some days where I wanted to post on danish, but no real response, so I guess I go back to make content on english on Steemit and D.Tube.

Lasse Ehlers

The biggest accounts: @steemit, @freedom, @steem, @ned (the founder of Steemit).

As regards going all in on DTUBE, it's a great move. I'm considering doing same as well, but, not until I have some other aspects (of me) in place.

How about a "Zoom" Dtube dialog/chat for an idea? Been thinking of doing at least one per week with some selected Steemians.

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Nice post. Awesome concept. Thanks for sharing @paulmuts

Thanks for watching @emmykeys01 !

Awe sick Paul. Ek bly ook in summies. Het jul I tag of I discord. Ons moet I community begin. Ek run al kla 3 accounts vi my PA se photography en my ma se kuns. En Dan my eie blog. Good luck. @jakesdewet @talli-art.

Hey, nice man! Nee nog nie n tag nie maar dis nie n slegte idea om een te begin nie.

Maybe you can make a few suggestions in a upcoming video. We can have a vote. And perhaps have a small SBD give away for the best tag name. Ill personally sponsor 1 SBD myself.

Up... And this what we think :))

That's a very good post. I really like to read and watch it. Lots of knowledge contained therein. Thank you for giving me a very valuable lesson.
Successful greeting is always for you.

This is good post. I appreciate it. Keep it up buddy

Time is money. give plenty of time then make lots of money. Resteem

Please, I would like you to make some tutorials for the newbies if it's possible and okay by you.

You just made to fall in with this and I don't even know shit about it.

Well then ask questions and I'll see if I can help. There are many videos on my channel offering help with specific areas of DTube which you can check out, and there are many videos by other content creators on DTube offering help.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I will definitely go through your blog and then ask my question(s)


@paulsmuts probably u will roco on steemit man...on dtube as well...the most important point of concern is to upload video on dtube in english language...it becomes easy for all the users...thankyou

Share our Experience with Steem IT and give a tutorial in D Tube...

Your post is inspiring and thumbs up to you. I also wish to make it big on social media this year,

Good effort man, I totally feel your excitement :)

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Time and passion... Inspiring. Thank you! Maybe how you get ideas and film specifically in daily moments?

I believe the biggest accounts are 20-30k right now! I am not certain, but those are the biggest I have seen :)

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