It's Okay To Try New Things. Give Yourself Room To Suck. | Dtube Vlog #20

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I think this is a very great tip for anyone trying to succeed and find their bearings on the steem blockchain!

In this vlog, I talk about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things here on the steem blockchain. If I would of just stuck to what I know, I would still be in a full time dental hygienist and personal trainer working a crazy schedule. However, I tried something new and its been going pretty alright to say the least! You’re not going to be great at first, but give yourself room to suck and get better. Trying new things is going to help you grow as a person, expand your mind and knowledge, it will also reflect in your followers, and upvotes!

Thank you for watching,

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One needs a real will to do this
He should know that life will not be easy
Thank you for your words‏

I couldn't agree more! "Done is better than perfect!" I need to remind myself of this too. Like you, I'm afraid of the camera and tend to tense of it. But I have been wanting to do vlogs or videos. So I've been watching tons of vlogs to see how people do it and I think the first step for me to get over my camera shyness is to do voiceover videos. So I'm planning to post videos soon! This will a new challenge for me! :D

Hey thats a great idea to ease into it. Honestly I think voice overs are harder than vlogs LOL so strange how everyones perceptions are different and what could be easy for you could be hard for me and vise versa! Wishing you the best of luck on your journey, it gets easier and easier the more you do it.

Really? I’m not sure either 😅 i just thought that i’m not ready to talk directly to the camera so voiceover would be the solution. I guess i just have to try 😂

"give yourself room to suck and get better". this statement does it for me. thanks dear

I read somewhere recently that to be the best part of yourself you need to get uncomfortable and expose yourself to risks.
I have a terrible attention span on so many things and the things I think really want to concentrate on, I fear.
Time to face those fears one at a time..

giphy (8).gif

Thanks for post this for you

You're welcome!

You are definitely right about starting new things!! Nobody is ever destined to do anything. Yes, we have our strengths and weaknesses, but who says that you can't improve your weaknesses?

Thank you for making a good point Paola!

Winny out...for now ;)

nice post


I suck........ ;)

Everyone knows boobs don't suck

very nice :)

You’re not going to be great at first, but give yourself room to suck and get better. Trying new things is going to help you grow as a person, expand your mind and knowledge, it will also reflect in your followers, and upvotes!

Every steemian who has come for blogging has to pass through this stage. Despise not the days of little beginnings. Thanks dear.

I agree with you. Thank you for stopping by! :)

That is good becouse sometimes I think my content is struggling.

We all do! Its a part of the creative process.

Persistency is the word.

Persistency is indeed needed to be successful at anything you choose. However, just persistency without creativity and readjusting can get you nowhere.

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Thanks for this wonderful tip. I really needed that. I my hope time to suck at steeming won't be too long.
Thank you...

Im glad I am able to help in some way. Keep being consistent :)

Try something new long as you have drive and passion for it.

That's a good one. Half the battle is won just showing up over and over again.

Yes! Even the things you love to do can get difficult to do sometimes. Congrats on almost 2K!

nice vlog😆😆

Fail fast, fail cheap, fail often! - Words to live by.

well, just you talking or not, it's very easy on the eyes and ears. you have a stable high quality image and a very nice voice to listen to with a very understandable accent, that helps a lot to make it work too :).

Why thank you!

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You are a super natural. But yeah for sure that are always new things to learn and improve :D

No matter what You do You will be awesome... and if You suck really big time I will tell You! LOLOLOL ihihihihi (that I don't think You will)

I am always trying to learn from everyone. And trying to do things that I have fun doing.

We all have to suck sometime in order to get better.
I hope we all get better together.
Thanks for the extra motivation.

No, thank you for watching! :)

Whats really cool is it's not as big as youtube so people can find you and also no one expects you to have 4k video and tons of editing. No ads and you still have the benefits of being able to collab. Good video and advice

When you step outside of your comfort zone, your comfort zone expands!

You are doing amazing!

Your thumbnail is TOOO fleeky! <3

Thank you honey :)

You need a chef in your life?

Yeah I totally agree with the opprotuinty of trying new things. i think I want to start vlogging. Thank you for this post. Geez you're so pretty..

Hello kofibeatz!

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This is pretty exciting @resteemsupport. Thank you. I'll tread lightly though..

thanks for giving me permission to SUCK. hahaha

Oh, where is your exclusive thingie in the end of the video about "don't forget to upvote". Really like this feature you have made up

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