This Lens Changed My Photography Game | The Nifty Fifty

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If you guys have been following me for a while, you guys know that I have been generating a passion for photography along with videography. I recently got a new lens, which happens to be a 50MM f/1.8. I have been eyeing this lens since I got a camera in February. In this video you'll find out why I love this lens, how it has changed the game for me and if I like it more than the EF-M 22mm lens. I'm so excited to share the photos that I have taken with this baby!

I love you guys,
Jane ❤️

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the 50mm is by far my favorite lens especially when you put a fisheye attachment onto it!!

Welcome to the 50 club! Honestly, that’s my lens choice every time, can’t do a photoshoot without it! There’s a little sweet spot in that one sitting at about f2.2 🤫
Let’s see some photos!

excellent publication, I wish you success, someday I will grow as you

Cool video Jane!

I'm still filming and photographing with my iPhone haha..
It would be the right time to get a good camera I guess..

Thats awesome! I always admire those who are true minimalists and work with what they have. Get a camera whenever you feel is right :)

The nifty fifty is a great lens for sure. It was the first lens I bought for my canon back in the day, and I still have it now. It completely changed my photography back then.

Haha :) oh im sure ill be keeping this lens just like you did!

Thanks for the information and nice lens!

Snap with the lens, i love this thing!


Yayyy, good stuff, Paola! Your life will change once you get the L series 50mm by Canon. It's ridiculously sharp and amazing

Nice Camera, i have the M3!

Sweet! How do you like it ??

Love it! The only thing that bugs me is that it doesnt record video in 60frames in 1080. Have to drop it down to 720. But other than that Its a great camera, especially for vlogging!

Ah I see, I have a few issues with the M50 as well, just waiting on the perfect camera ahaha

Ive been eyeing the Sony A7000! Check that out

Ive heard the speculation about it! My boyfriend just got his hands on the 6500, its a little beast!!

Dangggg, i want a new camera now ! haha

It happens every time lolol

"what's up guys" is sexist

I LOVE this lens, even though I have the 1.8 too I still prefer this one!

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Good choice, In my opinion this is one of the most affordable and yet one of strongest lenses when it comes to getting some nice portraits! I got one when I started learning photography and had it with me for 6 years now and up to now I use it the most! :)

Nice lens, thanks for the information.

Thank you for watching!!

I requested this post so thank you @paolajane.
Do you have a post, with photos using this camera+the nifty-fifty???


Nice article. I love your pictures also. Great stuff

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