[Vlog] STEEM ranks 3rd in Weiss Rating, are you really surprised?

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So today I talk about the recent pump in the price of Steem which comes in the wake of the financial rating agency, Weiss it a B- rating in it's first cryptocurrency Report.

Top 5

  • EOS (B)

  • ETH (B)

  • STEEM (B-)

  • NEO (B-)

  • ADA (B-)

Dark horse

I'm not surprised at Steem's lofty rating.


  • solid tech (3 second confirmations, zero fees)

  • scalability

  • has a great governance model

  • wide-scale use in terms of transactions on the network:

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 09.28.48.png

Yet it is all about the people

What I really like about STEEM is that it has a growing and diverse community/ network effect who are incentivised to provide value to the network in the best way they can. Literally ANYONE can get rewarded with freshly minted STEEM simply by posting content the community deems valuable. That can be anything from posting artist work to posting about a new app built.

STEEM places a premium on what I think it the most valuable commodity we have today. Our time and attention.

A note of caution

Who knows whether STEEM is undervalued or other cryptocurrencies are overvalued. Also Weiss, though reputable is just a ratings agencies and it is somewhat jumping on the bandwagon. It's in the business of making money out of issuing these ratings and with crypto changing so quickly you can be guaranteed that they will be issuing many more in the future.

Neither the less it is great to see STEEM get some shine. Also if you're unsure of the merits of STEEM you do not need to dip into your pocket to get involved. Just sign up and start contributing your thoughts, ideas, time and attention. That's the real beauty of the platform.


Great quote "people underestimate today's currency of today world: time and attention!"


Many forward thinkers robustly define the Attention economy & the Experience economy. Why? Because both are widely accepted to be the future.
Another quote from the video "anything site that can grab your time and attention is extremely valuable"

We have been conditioned to feel fine not getting paid to browse the internet while all the sites are making a living on our time and data.

Let's ask ourselves this question: what if someone starts using social media with steem, would they ever consider anything else?

thank you @nanzo-scoop

Well said @liotap! I'm begging to see the future (:

Look Steem is just the best way to get started in the whole crypto realm especially for people such as myself and other fellow plebs who are not too techi or who don't quite understand the whole picture but just the gist. It's great that regular folk can participate and actually make something and learn about crypto all at the same time.

Great post.

I think is a good news atleast

Nope, not surprised. I called it 5 days before the release:

If you read my posts, you will be aware that by objective metrics Steem is leading the pack in the crypto space. If the agency really does focus on objective metrics, it should end up with a high rating. That would certainly be a surprise to the broader crypto market, but should be no surprise to us.

The transaction speed and network capacity alone is a huge plus. Tech-wise it's a great product.

Those of us on here all the time know it's undervalued! My brave browser won't play the video for some reason so I guess I have to wait to get off work.. it is awesome to see Steem get some of the recognition it deserves. And even with it being a lower tier rating company who is jumping on the bandwagon. It still managed to give Steem a nice boost! It is also a bonus that you don't have to invest to come on and see what it's all about. Steem really has a lot going for it. Thanks for your thoughts, you are appreciated!

Yeah, I think if major outlets start doing the same thing we're going to be in a new world.

Also Weiss, though reputable is just a ratings agencies and it is somewhat jumping on the bandwagon. It's in the business of making money out of issuing these ratings and with crypto changing so quickly you can be guaranteed that they will be issuing many more in the future.

Apart from the steem blockchain doing considerably well which calls for celebration cus this is historical and speaks good for the Steemit platform, the above statement drew my attention.

Weiss in my opinion is an outdated, dinosauric agency that shouldn't even be taken seriously again. I'm not saying their ratings is bad or spells doom, but take their ratings and trade stupidly at ur own peril.

Thanks @nanzo-scoop for your vlog. I always certainly learn from it. So educative I must say.

continues with the steem celebration... 💃💃🕺🕺🕺🕺

The more press we get the better. There hasn't been much media attention on Steem, but once there is I think it's primed to explode.

I think that a large part of the success of steem is going to be contingent on the success of Steemit. This platform is a great concept but I certainly think that it still has a long way to go in terms of working out its imbalances moving forward making it a more level playing field for its content creators. This is a must if it's going to survive the test of time.

Yeah, branching out into other types of media will help too. More sites like Dtube.

hahahahaha Tony!!! This news are incredible haha btw in ur video it looks like at some points u want to laugh hysterically hahahah

"Steem is Steem" haha


I love steem however the Weiss report is a joke .
You can't compare steem with NEO and putting a scam coin like Quark at the same level like ETP just shows the poor understanding of the Weiss team

Yeah, I'm not sure if they just weighted past returns too highly or what, but they rated semi-complete projects as C along with total scam coins. Not sure what is behind these ratings. Either way, glad STEEM was up there!

I'd like to be Neil Armstrong.

Yes, I am really surprised that STEEM was ranked so high.

  • Even if STEEM is a great idea, (almost?) no one can give a good explanation as to why there are three assets: steem, steem power, and steem dollars. Nor is the logic clear around converting from one asset to another. If someone who has been around in crypto for a long time still doesn't quite get it, how do you expect the rest of the world to? [And yes, I have read all the articles posted on this subject, and they are all convoluted.]

  • Do you really think that STEEM is a better investment than, lets say, Ripple, Stellar, and even Bitcoin Cash? I am not trying to say that STEEM is bad, only that the relative ranking makes no sense. I would place Augur and STEEM on an equal ranking.

There are plenty of simple explanations of Steem (liquid, can be transfered and traded at anytime), Steem Power (locked up Steem in return for influence on the platform) and Steem Dollar (1 SBD can be converted anytime for at least a dollars worth of Steem, offering certainty regarding it's minimum value).

"Better" investment, is completely subjective however by the metrics that Weiss are using I can see why it ranked higher. It a question each of us to decide whether Weiss ratings hold any weight or not.

I'd really like to be able to ignore these people who consider themselves an authority in crypto but it's near impossible.

Excellent Post. Steem will see new heights in the near future. I love how the Steemit community works together, contributing ideas not only in the crypto world, but various activities that people take part in.

"STEEM places a premium on what I think it the most valuable commodity we have today. Our time and attention."

Agree 100%: our time and attention is the most valuable resource we have, if we direct our energy towards a great platform such as Steemit, contributing with great content, growing strong communities focused on education, social labor, sustenaible technologies, entertainment etc we are making a big change and impact, not only in our lives, but making a big wave wherever we are. We must be aware of our power and use it wisely. Thanks for your contribution, for sharing with us this important information that keep us motivated to work hard and better in this platform. Excuse me for the mistakes, english is not my native language . I hope you have a little time to stop by my blog and find something valuable and that makes you happy! :)

@nanzo-scoop. thank you. Very informative, as always. I'm still learning about cryptocurrencies, so I can't comment on values of different currencies much, but I definitely believe in the idea of Steemit. The fact that you can post here - and not only get rewarded - but also get an audience that truly cares about what you got to say. I've recently grown so tired of marketing ploys you've got to use on YouTube to be favored by algorithms (long-ass videos, excuse my French), censoring as far as what music you can use and inability to promote your own content on reddit. Why can't people promote their own content if it's good?

Yes you are right. Weiss just noticed it can make money with the crypto mania so why not get in? Either way it helps the Steem it community grow.

Great post Nanzo.

No surprise to me and I am a total newb on steemit. I have fallen so in love with this platform I can only imagine its future. I waited for a week to get approved and counted the days. I was so happy to make my first post it made me think about all the people still waiting to be dripped into the system. the way they let people in drip by drip and release funds the same is ingenious. they are controlling the steady growth and creating a well formed community where people can be excited about every level. Each time my rep goes up it feels so good. I havent even made real money yet and I am already addicted. the future is golden with steemit, in my opinion it is the best crypto out there right now becasue it has such a solid platform/product . Its like the facebook/gooogle of crypto, it will be a top dog forever, especially with the community growing stronger by the day. Drip by drip


It's just a matter of time before we see steem hitting the
unimaginable standards. With the upcoming release of SMT, i believe more people will start to invest in the steem blockchain.


On behalf of teamghana , we are very grateful for the love and support you have shown us so far. We can't wait to be of help to you one day.

I imagine that an extensive piece of the achievement of steem will be dependent upon the accomplishment of Steemit. This stage is an extraordinary idea however I positively feel that despite everything it has far to go regarding working out its awkward nature advancing making it a more level playing field for its substance makers. This is an absolute necessity if it will survive the trial

It doesn't surprise me because of the number of transactions and the utility of the currency (specifically on the platform), which makes it valuable for users to both hold and to use the currency in other ways (ie: boosters, creating DApps on the platform, delegating and earning residual rewards and etc.).

It's no surprise, Steemit is a revolutionary platform and we are still at the infancy stage. Steemit will be a house hold name like Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. It's revolutionary in the way that anyone can participate and gain rewards! The underlying blockchain is just one of the basic advantages - including the transaction speed, etc.

Definitely agree here, it's nice to not be creating content for free. I have asked people I know to join up. Even started an account for an orchestra (@musicapoetica) I play in. The community here is also more genuine, less humble bragging like on Facebook.

But you are right though 💯👍🏽

You and I know steem is solid (and with the mainstream censorship craze) it's up, up, and away...

This is really a great news, Steemit has got immense potential, the volume of transactions handled by Steem blockchain clearly shows it to be No.1 ...

I'm definitely sure that they will put steem into A+ from B- in their next report.

thanks for such a great information bro
please continue with this
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awesome post.jpg

Weiss needs to refine their system of voting...

honestly Steemit rocks... A magnificent platform for its users to earn while they contribute... genius. I happy because I'm seeing my few blog post and dtube shares finally making a profit. I could do this on youtube, but they were taking 75% of the profit..or more... Just found your stuff man... keep up the good work....

I definitely agree. Soon registrations will be coming by the millions.

I'm just hoping the server will not get in anymore troubles. It requirres a hell of a job to keep this up.

I believe Steem is the best long-term coin to invest in out there!

The Mainstream Media rarely, if ever mentions STEEM. Why do you think that is?

Mainstream media is always last to the party. Once everyone else is talking about Steem mainstream will pick it up.

This is why I am dedicated to Steemit, I can see Steemit being massive in growth in a couple of years as people adapt to cryptocurrency and decentralization. I am not surprised where STEEM is currently at, it is a giver with the growing community!

it is the thing which everyone have to accept in the future.

It was awesome to see Steem on the top 5, the markets gave it a big boost earlier today! 😎🤑

2018 is the year of steem. Such a small marketcap for the amount of potential we have. Can't wait to see the growth explosion that will take place on this platform this year

I am suprised that steem got such a price jump and while the others went up quite a bit as well but not as steem.

My theorie would be that steem is still under the radar for a lot of people.

I had to laugh a bit that dodge got a better rating than B-Cash

Now since 2018 has officially began its journey, Steem has been making a lot of noise all around the news.. I am beyond happy to know what it’s capable of and how much change it’s bringing . I think I was hearing yesterday of how Steem moves the most percentage on Bittrex as well

its the good sign for the steemit community

Steemit platform has revolutionalised the way social networking platforms have been operating. A paradigm shit from the status quo. Being a trail blazer in offering value to value creators, Weiss B ration is no surprise to me and perhaps to many others as well.

Little bit surprised. After reading the Steem White Paper and Steem 101 I am totally convinced about its successful future and revolution it will bring in economy and lives of people.

It is already bringing and we all can see the results.

I am so happy that the value of the STEEM blockchain start to get noticed outside the Steemit.com community. As you listed the attributes STEEM has are very valuable and outperform 90% off the remaining coins out there.

I was thrilled to see Steem, Cardano and EOS ranked so high since I have large positions in all three. See you on Steemit Nanzo Scoop! Dan Larimer (Steem, Eos) Charles Hoskinson (Ethereum, Cardano).

I agree that the beauty of the platform is to contribute ideas, thought, time and attention as stated in the post, but there is another reality, is that in Steem people publish is to win by investing that time and attention. Also, observed in the short time that I have and I have received constant proposals from those who wish to have the vote for the vote, which I do not think is a good practice.

STEEMit will grow just like any other social media platform especially because it gives incentives to its users which will give more value to STEEM. @nanzo-scoop
So investing on steem via steemit by contributing our time and attention to it is the best way to indipulge in cryptocurrencies without buying it from our own pockets so STEEM makes us win without losing in some way.


I personally think that is very difficult to succeed in a stabile ranking, the cryptocurrency market is so unpredictable and the fluctuations sometimes are huge. We must simply hope for the best and try to enjoy our experience on this platform:)

Yeah steemit just amazing and changing many life. Just ended my first giveaway and the winner send me a photo, make me so happy .. the prices increases is always nice!

I sold most of my Ether and Bitcoin and bought STEEM. ...and nanzo-scoop...why not post on DTube? ~Cheers

At present - Youtube is quicker and more convenient when I'm on the move.

Steem and EOS are currently the best projects out there, Steem is already a great working product while EOS will be launched in a few months but it’s still in top 10 already.

Steem is really starting to catch on with alot of people! I'm glad we have other options besides Facebook and Twitter, that actually reward us for our time! Time is very precious and therefore should be compensated for!! Great read..

Great to hear that Steem is high on the Weiss list.

Yes! Was great to see Steem make the first list! With all the choices they had, for me this really validates my beliefs! Also, that EOS was #1 with Dan L. being behind 2 of the top 5, that speaks as well! Thank for the post.

This is great news for Steem!

ha ha ha .... really so great newsss buddy... cheer up

Steemit is the future, we are fortunate enough to see that:)

I am not at all surprised - I surprise rather that people have not seen it before. Wait until the SMTs are there - I am rather sure that this will result in a big boost!

very nice explain by @nanzo-scoop


Wow! :)

We're expecting steem to go up to 2 or 3 digits aren't we? Steem to the moon!!! :)

We are on the right way - let's catch the bitcoin! :D

I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.

yes, I like that too. just sign up and share your thought and ideas. Because its a community and we all can benefit from each other.

The main thing which steem is having is their transaction fee ,which can boost steem to a new high level in upcoming months.

Nice! @nanzo-scoop !Big Future For Steemit!!!!

It is very important to know that STEEM is gaining popularity and more value by the passing of each day. More importantly is the fact that STEEMIANS understand that they are on the right platform and they are not waisting their time.
GOD BLESS the founders of STEEMIT & all STEEMIANS

If the developers knows what they are doing,i see a 1000% Price increase before december.

It would prove that the present and future of Steemit is bright.

Guess its a good time to be apart of the steemit family. I am new here

I said it that steem will soon become no.1. @cryptoctopus said steem is a good buy and i agree with him. Just give it a lil time!

I was happy when I saw it and proud to be part of it too.

Steem network is growing daily because of the many benefits of the platform, not just financially but also bringing out the talents in its members. Steem is gonna be at the top soon. Good rating by Weiss.

day by day steemit's popularity increases highly. many people are involved here.

Time and attention has value? Not in this capitalism world, In till Now! Thanks for pointing out this revelationating idea,and its real.. Omg i love it

Hey, thanks for such a great post. I learned a lot and will apply your tips to help out with my health. I'll be recommending your post. Thanks again!

Great job thank you!

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

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Steem is on the way up because it is the only crypto that recognises value. This is an immense initiative in every sense of it

yes it is having a great potential to boost anytime.

Very Good information about steem

Please guide and teach me how to use steemit like you and many can pay

Oh... This is really good news and tremendous performace steemit. i hope it will be more popular.
Thanks for your valuable post. I appreciate your work. @nanzo-scoop

Hopefully to get some steem haha!

Steemit is not only a platform to make steem, you learn new things, exchange ideas and make greats friends like you. What is more better than this?

Agreed. Time will tell if Steem is undervalued, or if other cryptos are overvalued. But really, we are the ones that give Steem it's value by producing quality posts.

So let's keep adding value.

And if you're looking for more of a strategy than just plain old HODL!,
check out the (20% Cream Rule](https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@redbagofcourage/cryptocurrency-and-the-20-cream-rule#comments).

👌🏼love👌🏼💖💖 👌🏼 you steemit

I agree with your assessment of Steemit. We are at the beginning of something great for sure.

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All my attempts to upload my one videos failed, even to upload my own profile picture. I don't understand this kind of thing. Please I need help.

"What I really like about STEEM is that it has a growing and diverse community/ network effect who are incentivised to provide value to the network in the best way they can."

Henceforth, the human element is that important to help run things.

Very true ,but the caution is where we need to take note
Very soon steemit will be the millionaires platform

I think steems time will come soon! :)

Good post friends.

Steem finally got the high light and went to the mainstream with this move there is no coming back now just all the way to the moon :)

Deserves no less! 3 seconds is just amazing. Scalability? Awesome. The community? Fabulous. And then when SMTs come, well, the moon is the beginning!

Wow,,, gread post @nanzo-scoop, steem is the best.. Good job friend.

Indeed Steemit is going higher and higher. Honestly I'm starting to have so much faith in Steemit. I say a big THANK YOU to the entire community.

Steem going moon

The future is just here for us all..thanks always @nanzo-scoop

I like your baby pic!

do you have a dtube?

très intéressant

looks really good and feels good to have 4 out of 5 of them! 😃

Great news. Resteeming it

Thanks for this especially the comment on Weiss. Such analysis makes one grounded especially in this uncertain world of Cryptopia.

Superb explanation bruv!

Growing up everyday !!!!!

steem will go to the moon certainly !!

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