Bitcoin shoots pass $16,000 SBD had a high of $7!!!!! Plus Steem went over $2 yesterday!!!!! Are you having fun yet??? Join me Live NOW!!!!

in #vlog4 years ago (edited)

Christmas has come early once again my fellow Steemologists Is it tacky to celebrate everyday?


I hope you all enjoy this video!!!!!

Until the next post


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2018 is Steemit's year. Keep blogging my man. One of my favourites.

I know hey, this is insane! Thank you so very much for the extra updates, I can't keep up with it all, great job again, namaste :)

sweet do you think steem is going to go way up like bitcoin ?

Yes ! Fun! Thanks!

My 32 cents worth of bitcoin i got from about a year ago is now almost $15 now. I wish i had invested in the very beginning!

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.02.35 PM.png

$100k. By the end of 2018 ....

Everyone seems to be having fun these days. I'm just filled with apprehension that this game of musical chairs is going to end soon. I just hope it won't be too bad and that bitcoin will recover after the major correction that is almost certainly inevitable.

Can't stop that fun now. Was about time to boost the adrenaline rush a little. I nearly fell asleep :)

Keep it up Bitcoin!

INSANE! I never expected this. I have too many alt coins! :D

Guys Bitcoin is on steroids !!! It will run much faster !!!

Hmmm... Not having fun yet really... How is it that we withdraw those USD? LOL I'll find out in time maybe --nice vid & post! I AM in fact looking to make some 50 USD before year ends: you think I'll be able to?

Very fun indeed, the future looks promising with steem. I noticed this yesterday and I read that to convert steem dollars to bitcoin I first had to convert to steem and I made this conversion on steemit, but now noticed that I can actually convert steem dollars directly to bictoin! Is there any way I can reverse this conversion to get my steem dollars back?

Actually, I'm having way too much fun. It all keeps going up. SBD value to dollar is somewhere between 12 and 13 dollars right now. Amazing!

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Fascinating times to be alive, @mrviquez! The pre-party has been pretty dope, so far. Let's get it on!

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The price of SBD is insane. It shows why it might be a good idea to hold the Steem Dollars you get from author rewards and just let it build for a couple months.

"SBD had a high of $7"

More like $16 😀😀

You bet, this week was fantastic! (-;
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Next year everyone will be talking about Steemit. Yes I'm having fun and glad I got here in time!

Is this all a set-up, cashing in on the misfortunes of new Bitcoin buyers?

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