Any Star Wars Fans? | My Epic Vintage Star Wars Figures Collection

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Hello DTube and Steemians!

Are there any Star Wars Fans out there? Which ones are your favorites? Episodes IV, V, and VI? or possibly the more recent ones...Please don't tell me Episodes I thru III are your favorites...if so, I guess I won't judge you. In this video and post I talk about my epic vintage Star Wars figures collection. I collected Star Wars toys when I was little. I had many fond memories playing in the background with these toys, with my friends. Then over the years they got lost or given away.


Then in 2002 or 2003, I can't remember, I went on an eBay kick, and started buying the vintage Star Wars toys again. Now my collection is quite large. 82 Figures and 1 Tauntaun. Haha, I wish I had some of the ships as well. They have gone up in value, I have some that are worth $2.50 on up to about $20.00. They cost about $2.50 brand new back in the late 70s and early 80s. Any Star Wars figures collectors out there? If so, let me know in the comments what you have. :)


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Video was filmed on my Canon 70D, with a 50mm 1.4 lens, and a 28mm 1.8 lens.


*Video and pictures are my original work and owned by me.

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I was a huge star wars junkie and had lots of the original toys. I still remember my Millenium Falcon. Sadly, they all got donated or given away by my parents as I got older. Never would have known the value when I was that age. You should check out the Netflix show "The Toys That Made Us" so cool.


that is awesome, yeah to bad you still didn't have them. I wish I would have bought two of each when I was younger, and kept one in their original packaging, those toys are worth thousands of dollars some of them. haha. That Netflix show sounds awesome. I definitely will check it out!

Nice collection man. What'd you think of The Last Jedi, Solo, and all of the new Disney films?


Thank you! I have mixed feelings about The Last Jedi. I enjoy most of it, but not really happy with the ending. I actually really liked Solo, I know a lot of people didn't like it, but I enjoyed it. What about you? what are you thoughts?


Really enjoyed TLJ, but it didn't feel like a Star Wars movie to me. I could pick up on the Disney influence, and it almost felt like a Marvel film, if that makes sense. Still pretty stoked for Ep 9 though. I'm with most people on Solo, haha. The plot felt super predictable.


hahaha yeah I can totally see the Disney/Marvel influence. I hope they don't try and use the Marvel formula for everything. It works great for the Marvel movies, but not sure if it will everywhere else. But I am a Star Wars Fan, so if any movie comes out in the Greater Star Wars Universe. I am going to see it. LOL I am excited too for Episode 9.

That's a nice looking collection man. I was a huge star wars fan as well, but never a collector. Really cool video!


Thank you! :) I was into collecting toys, coins, comics, and baseball/football cards. haha

I remember when my brother played and you died for the Star Wars dolls! God bless you dear @mrchef111


hahaha thank you! You too! :)