Join Me for a Tour of the Persimmon Patch: Flowers Blooming & Bees Buzzing! (DTubeDaily Vlog)

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Today's vlog is a special one because it is the first vlog that we've put out on for #Dtubedaily. We've committed to daily vlogs for the month of June, so get used to our smiling faces ;)

Ini takes a tour of the native persimmon patch and shares how we are allying with nature to co-create a Permaculture Food Forest.

These majestic trees called this place home before we did and we're slowly increasing productivity and abundance through our management practices. This is the existing canopy layer to which we are splicing in the various other layers of a food forest, starting with a ground cover of clover.

American persimmons are in full flower today and the bees are a buzzing! The feral swarms we moved to our property are already providing their pollination services. Such a delightful way to see elements of our landscape interact. The creamy blossoms add such beauty to the late spring landscape.

We have thinned the patch and seeded clover in an effort to boost yields. In doing so we are also harvesting the coppice (new growth) for a splendid and medicinal tea, similar to green tea in taste and popular in China, Korea, and Japan. It helps with digestion and boasts both antioxidant and anticarcinogenic properties. It also contains rutin which helps keep capillaries flexible.

I walk through the patch and show one of my grafts I did this year. This is one of many selected persimmon cultivars that will increase yields by selecting varieties with improved genetics. We're planning for future abundance.

We are happy to share this special time with ya'll when the light dapples through in shining majesty and hope you enjoy the tour of our native persimmon patch.


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Thanks for sharing the video. I have been hearing from the locals that we have wild persimmon trees around here. I finally am able to identify them after watching your video.


That’s great news! Happy to hear that. Thanks!

Awesome that the feral bees went right to work. Cool when nature just does its thing. I don't know why that surprises us haha


It is funny that it is a bit surprising, but really it's just all in the design of these creatures. It's a real treat to witness though.