"Dreams Do Come True" | Proposal at the Highest Mountain Peak in UAE

in vlog •  last year  (edited)

Real love is a life changer.

People see us as a perfect couple,
But behind that ,we swam from our own struggle.
Being together for four years
Doesn't mean we never wasted tears.

Besides, thank you for loving me beyond my imperfections,
We almost lost the spark but we can't deny the feeling then you came back to your original direction.

What we've been through had a purpose
And by this time , you proposed .
What's more I will ask for?
If all the love I asked you already poured.

Come my man hold my hand tight,
Let's escape and explore where everything is right.
I am a good keeper and this real love of mine to yours is a life changer.

Everything might change not my Love for you from the day I met you, became mine and as my fiancé now.
My weakness is being generous,
Generous of giving True Love.

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Tears to see so wonderful video. Congratulations for your commitment to love.

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congratulations! Maybe this be the start of a new chapter in your life!

Congratulations to the both of you =)

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Congratulations to both of you..