Talking To Teach : Generating Passive Income

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Greetings Earthlings!!

It's ya boi @metama, here to spread some wisdom and hopefully motivate some folks out there to start empowering themselves.

I love Steem.


I love Steem because it has helped me change my life.

I started posting on Steem because I didn't know how to create a Wordpress blog.

I remember reading

@chbartist 's posts and being sooo impressed by how much money he was making. He was talking about things that I found interesting and I knew I wanted to do the same.

Fast forward a few months and I'm making money with my words! It wasn't a lot, but I was getting paid to write things and share my thoughts.

As I learned more

I found various ways to make money with Steem, and some without.

I have always been a big fan of Tim Ferris. The man lives what he preaches.

One of his messages

is to figure out how much your ideal life costs, and then build passive income streams to generate that.

I had read that message so many times but never really tried to achieve it with my whole effort.

Steem was the stepping stone.

Seeing how I could earn income automatically by selling my votes or joining a curation trail got me hooked. I started researching various ways to generate passive income and chose a few that I resonated with.

Now I have 4 steem accounts, a blog and am working on more projects!!

I haven't reached my goal yet but I know that with patience and consistent effort I will.

Do you want to be living a different life??

Do your finances bring you stress?

Do something about it!!

In today's world there are infinite ways to make money.

I invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new.

Commit to a month of vlogging, 10 podcast episodes, writing 15 blog posts ... it could be anything!

As long as you set SMART goals, have patience and put in the work ... something will change.

Who knows, it might be your whole life :) :) :)

Con Mucho Amor


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How does the whole 4 accounts work? Ain't you only allowed to "cash" out with one account??

"Disclaimer" I know you didn't write your other 4 accounts names, so it could be anything :D


as far as I'm aware you can have as many accounts on steem as you like. I created multiple because I wanted to write about different topics. They all have their own wallets @cwow2


I just recently opened my account, and I believe what it said on the sign up page, at least currently, is that you are allowed 1 free account per person, and then after that, the additional accounts can be purchased "for a small fee", which one never knows how much that small fee will be on any given day because it is paid for with cryptocurrency. I hope this helps answer your question.

This is really good motivation, especially for someone new to Steemit, which would be me. If you have any advice for newcomers who know nothing, it would be welcomed. Thank you for writing this, have a fantastic day!


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I understand why you would have multiple accounts. If I had more ideas I might do the same.