A quick tour of my man cave

in vlog •  6 months ago

In the middle of the video for some reason I forgot the name of my Lathe tool, so I'm adding that here in the description to redeem myself a bit. There are some more tools that are going to be leaving soon, so I've not plugged them back in yet.

I guess, if anyone was curious where I make the guitars. Yeah... this is the room.

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Awesome Man Cave @meno. I attended "Chet Atkins" Academy of Music many moons ago and I use to have an Original Chet Atkins Fame Guitar. I Loved playing the guitar but quit playing many years ago. It is on "My Bucket List" to start playing again.

That's some pretty serious machinery.

Very Very nice @meno, being a Luthier is a gift. My great grandfather was a violin Luthier. I got some,...... of the talent and I re-fret and put in pickups and truss rod adjustment but not like what you are accomplishing. Most people really do not realize just how much of an art this is!
For the moment I have stepped away from this work and I just play my acoustic for our Worship band! Have a good day Meno :)

Hello dear @meno, great video, i like your vlog. Congratulations


he is learning from you :)

Love it. I have a ton of wood-working and construction tools myself, though I'm no artisan. Still, any man that builds stuff is respectable. Fire up those lathes and lets lathe some stuff!


I've made some cool dealios... Lathe is fun, have you ever messed with one?


I've played with a lot of power tools, but never a lathe. I've watched people use them, however. They're hypnotizing, and near enough to magic as to be indistinguishable.

hopefully your back is feeling good ...nice to see you got some really cool useful tools, thanks for showing us how it works and your passion

Hi @meno nice workshop and well done for developing such a rare skill. I think it could possibly be a good idea for you to pick up your tools again for the purpose of creating a DTube video (or series of videos), on the process you undertake to achieve the finished product of a guitar.

I liked the fact that you took time to explain and educate on the names and purposes of each tool, as your craft is an interesting one - even to those who are inexperienced or do not actively partake. This is why i suspect (and hope) you may find some success in sharing your knowledge with the with the DTube/Steemit community.

Foot note: I personally knew each machine and tool mentioned, however i am not skilled at wood work and would not have the first clue on how to approach such a project as crafting a guitar, yet i after seeing this I would like to know more.

Very interesting! Nice to see someone who does this kind of work. I 'play' at playing the guitar. If there's a need, I can add a little something. My calluses are kind of lame right now as I am a lead vocal and flautist for our band. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to play the flute and sing at the same time! If I do, I'll be sure to video it for the Steemit Community! Thanks for sharing! Upvoted and Re-Steemed!


You just have to do it like Ian Anderson of "Jethro Tull"


Nice man, I am hoping I can develop something similar in the future. I'm not much of a construction man unfortunately !

Glad you are feeling better...
and I wish I could work wood, I'd be all day building invented instruments, small psalteries, monochords :) maybe one day, you never know...


its good for the soul Pris... you should try it!


A lathe was the word you were looking for. Nice shop!


I was have a mental short circuit there.. I used it for making knobs mostly... This one is a guitar I made with a Japanese kind of feel (in my mind of course) so the knobs look like little river stones... Hence the name of the guitar River Stone.



That is amazing. Nice work!

We are both surrounded by tools and guitar parts. Hey, man - our bluesfest season here in Buckingham, FL is nearly upon us, and I wanted to extend an invitation and suggest you might like to check out the scene, since you are local-ish. You are an easy drive from Ft. Myers, no?


not too bad of a drive no... a few hours... finances have been really rough for us this year, but ill keep it in the back of my mind brother.