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in vlog •  6 months ago

Seems That Our Party Needs Permission...

Sadly everytime we had to make any public event at the Plaza a formal permission must be asked to the Government and in this case, I was in charge of asking for that.
We are planning to have a really big party to introduce the fixed games (now I have less time to finish all the job) to the community and to all the Kids.

Also, a soccer championship is going to happen and someone must be in the front. For that reason some days ago I applied for that formality and they called to tell me if the permission was granted or not...

Now I have to drive again almost 60 Kms. to go for a paper...

-Can you tell me via mail?
-You need to come....
-But... maybe there will somet....
-You need to come!

Oh my gosh, this is turning each day harder!

Here I will leave you the promised scan of the lovely papers... we asked for many things for the Kids and for the event itself, and we only get the permission and a great GL desire.




Seems that in here, burocracy is the name of the game.


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Are you in?

Join the Steem 4 the Kids Plaza.


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I am so sorry that it is being made difficult @leotrap. One would think everyone would want to help you do what you do for children!

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One would think ;) hehehe... no it's Ok I have some great support in here so it's running!

Sadly, this seems to be the case everywhere. Sometimes I think it might be better to just get rid of most of the rules and start over with a few simple ones. Then in a 100 years, after more have built up, start over again.

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Sup @toddrjohnson! I think it's the way... hope we can get rid more than the rules, get rid about the system itself! Thanks for stopping by
Peace V!

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Ridiculous...I wish you best of luck!


Ridiculous as the way people follow governments and some laws.... thanks for the good luck desire Hey!

Gov departments never makes things easy for the people, in every countries in the world...

Sometimes we need certain processes in place to ensure everyone is playing by the rules but this just seems a little redundant. Good luck to you!


Totally a Loop! :)

It is always horrible when someone or a place can't make something simpler, by sending it or using digital signatures etc.


Gothic Times!

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Has to be done I suppose


You are right! It will :)