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RE: My Fiance Returns Home Today From Her 7 Day Quarantine / Your Interaction Was A Needed Distraction - D00k13 Digest #139

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I am so Happy to hear that your Love is returning home Brother @d00k13. My Fiance is in Norway and I haven't seen her since December 2 of last year. She and our Son David are supposed to come and visit for about one month starting this month and I hope that works out.

Love the Cleaning Photo... Very nice. I pry that goe well in the Happiest way on her return and I pray that she heals fast and forever. May the both of you Always be surrounded by Blessings, Love and Happiness.


I hope your fiancé and sons visit works out also, that is a long time away from your family!

It did go well yesterday thanks for the kind words, we had a chill night cuddling on the couch 🤙

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I appreciate it so much Brother @d00k13. I am very happy to hear that you two had an amazing and happy time together. I just talked to my Fiance Vanja this evening and it looks as if they will be here on the 23 or 24 of October if all plans go well. Thanks for your Amazing and Awesome support and Love Brother. Have a blessed day always.

No problem my friend 🤞 everything goes smoothly. How long will they be visiting for?

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Only for about 6 weeks this time. Maybe longer next time I hope. Always be at Peace and Blessed Brother @d00k13. Enjoy your time with your loved one by your side Brother.

Likewise brother, still working on the being at peace in my own skin part but everyday is a new day and I am most definitely blessed with the love of my life by my side!

Are you going to introduce your fiancé to us in a vlog?

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I am Brother @d00k13. She likes to be in the background mostly but she will be on the Camera a time or two or three or four... LoL... You know me, Brother. I am a @dtube #vlogger after all, Eh? Glad to hear you two are having an amazing time. Always keep that Love Strong and May You Both Always be surrounded with Blessings and Smiles.

Your lady sounds like mine lol I have to catch her off guard otherwise it’s a palm in the camera lol I have thought about making a vlog of all the times she has refused to be on camera but I don’t think she would think it’s funny 😆

Always kindling that fire my friend! I hope you enjoy your time with your love also and don’t be afraid to put down everything and pay attention jus to her, I know first hand how important that is!

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