Visit with the Boquería Market (Barcelona, Spain)! Vlog #10

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Hi Dtube family!

As you know, I live in Barcelona for 1 year. I love big cities because there is always something to do!

Today, I propose a virtual tour of the Amazing Boquería market!

According to the CNN news network, the Boqueria as the best market in the world!!!
In a ranking of several markets around the world, from the fish market in Tokyo to Union Square in New York, the Barcelona market gets the highest rating! Awesome !!!

The main entrance is on the famous "Rambla" near metro "Liceu". Of course, the entrance to the market is free so there is always a crowd of tourists and locals. It's a must to see in Barcelona! You can not come to Barcelona without visiting it! There is local food but also food imported from all over the world! You can find:
vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, candy, ice creams and chocolate, meat, specialities from Spain, fish and seafood....

Enjoy the video! And if you like this video, feel free to UPVOTE, COMMENT and RESTEEM! It's always appreciated =D.

Thank you all for your support and see you soon for the new flamingirl's adventures!
Much love from Spain <3

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What a beautiful video! T'was they have very gorgeous market place a friend told me the same thing too.

Thank you so much @fredanderson!
Yes, it's market is AWESOME!!!
An incredible place to make beautiful photos, videos and especially tastings of local products! =)

Awsome video and AWSOME MARKET ! I got hungry from watching this video :D

Thanks for sharing

yeah, I got hungry too from this video. I will run for chocolate at near grocery market :)

My goal is reached then =) ahahaah

Very nice video @flamingirl. It would be great to be in that place with so many sweets (especially chocolate ones for me). Or maybe it would be not so great with spending travel budget with those... anyway, thanks for this tasty video :) You should check my blog article about Gdansk city in Poland

That's was amazing... I just followed you to get more interesting things like this...

Thank you so much!!!! =)

Woww!! Everything looks delicious!!! And that market has an impeccable presentation. I would definitely want to go.

You should go! This is a place not to be missed =)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane !

Nice video @flamingirl. What program did you use to add the captions? I currently use Premiere Pro.

I use the software of the go pro =)

nice to see it :)

Thank you so much! =)

Barcelona is definitely one of my favorite place to visit. Anyways, I love your video it's not boring and not just plain talking. I could see some delectable dishes which I personally love.

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