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Check out MarQ$ a.k.a @YoungOGMarqs Daily Artist Vlog on Five Star Entertainment. The Daily Artist Vlog will have a particular topic that the artists will discuss.

MarQ$ shares his experience with his first job that he had for a long time. Being part of the retail and sales industry can have its ups and downs that many of us can relate to.

Do you have a topic or question that you want to hear the artists talk about? Leave it in the comments below and it may just be the topic in one of their Daily Artist Vlogs!!!

Want to find out more about MarQ$?
Check out his personal blog where he shares his life, thoughts, music, and adventures in his vlogs.

Personally Released Tracks

Here are a couple of tracks Marqs release on his personal blog.

"Money Out the Window" By MarQ$

"Life Isn't Easy" By MarQ$

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I only tried retail once. The American idea that the customer is always right was impossible for me. I was fired within two weeks.


I really love what you doing and I was wondering if you are in search of artist?

I do mostly electronic dance music so I was wondering if I could be part of the team:)

Keep up

UpVoted @fivestargroup and this is interesting...

… throwing money out the window… dope music