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in vlog •  2 months ago

I know that sounds crazy, but just think about it for a second. In todays VLOG I discuss a few positives that come to my head!

I always post my Steemit/Dtube videos on Youtube/Facebook to help PROMOTE this blockchain!!....This is what I write in the description, "Youtubers :) you should sign up for Steemit.com or Dtube; it's free to signup. You get paid to do the same EXACT thing you are doing on Youtube right now. EVERYONE makes money, not just the people at the top. Even if you don't like to make quality posts, you can make money from UPvoting and Resteeming other users on the platfrom in the form of curation rewards... Give it a try my friends."

My advice is not good advice, let alone legal advice lol. Do your own research.

Please help find new Steemains and FOLLOW/RESTEEM/UPVOTE :)

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Buy coins at the low is the best!

Getting rid of weak hands!

Also a lot of trolls have left the crypto space too.