Chemtrails Global Skywatch| Become A Photographer & Earn SBD!| Contest Week #1

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Through this contest, I plan to meet think-alike open minded individuals who are willing to work on what should be our united goal: ensure safety for us and future generations

This challenge is just a beginning, the goal of this is not just a photo-album rather a full defensive approach as you will see in the future

Never forget: "skywatch" is a tag that will help me to reach you

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Maybe our goal is to ensure the safety for us and future generations. But theirs is to decrease the population to 500 million. 🤨



But I'm promoting best methods we can use to ensure our safety, check some here:

Hopefully you will join my crew, at least participate in the challenge for the start - please? :)

I'll try but its been cloudy and cold past couple weeks here so I don't know.

You have 7 days until next round! Take your time :)


You will certainly bring changes, by upvoting yourself on comments like this ;)

Interesting challenge, I might have to jump on it.

I'm really looking forward to your photos man. Hope you will join us ;)

I am unable to watch the video. Pls what's the challenge all about.

You need to watch out for those lines in your sky, and photograph them.

5 photos, decent quality

Winner gets 10 SBD

One of the criteria for selecting the best photo could be the number and size of traces within a certain area ...

But Chemtrails come in various forms, they disperse as time passes. I've never said I'm looking for fresh trails specifically, so I think it is good this way for now

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Just in order so we can creative massive photo-albums of the ongoing geoengineering activities.

All the pictures will always be analyzed live :)

I get you but not many people have that much quality pics of chems, think about lowering it to at least 3.

I know, they need to create them... In order to win 10 SBD, that is the purpose :)

I know lol but still with 5 pics you are setting the bar up to high imo and you won't get that many entries. btw check out the sky, after 10 days of bullshit we finally get some sun and they are already preparing a sunscreen???? My god... I'm so furious right now.

Took some shots and will most likely make an entry.

That is a nicely put thought.

We'll have to leave it like this for this round :)

But will definitely make sure to listen to you in the future, as you have so much more experience when it comes to contests

Thanks for the experience tips! Appreciated

Appreciate it to the max that you let me use them!

Will give you a mention when I create a video tomorrow

It would be awesome if you would join my new round of challenge :)

Yes is true that our goals is to ensure safety for us and future generations.
I like want you intend to,does great job,keep moving and never more back.

I get lots in my area I will keep my eyes open!

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