Why Are So Many Big YouTubers Moving To DTube And Why You Should Too

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Hello everyone, if this is your very first video you have seen on DTube I guess that you have already at least heard about it.
Why are sooo many big YouTubers moving from YouTube to DTube?
What is it that moves YouTubers from YouTube and drives them to DTube.
Let´s talk about it.

▶️ DTube

well demonetization will make anybody leave

cool Video :D but i dont get how DTube really work and where get DTube the money from to pay the DTubers?

Its prefered to utube
Love your post bro

Everyone should try dtube, it's going to rock in future.

There's going to be a mass migration from YouTube to DTube!

Watch the video and than comment on it, it doesnt make sense to say "Nice!"
Please dont spam...

Sorry if you didn't like my comment, it was not with bad intent. I saw your video but I do not understand everything (I'm Portuguese), so I was "lazy" to make a great comment in English. My intention was good, to help you and to make me known.
Anyway, it's good to know that you make more money here than on YouTube, it gives me the courage to continue!
I don't want to be the advertising in your video, sorry again! 😅

I appreciate this comment so much more! Here I see much more who you are.
You should!
DTube is an amazing amazing place

I want to make good videos, maybe you can see that soon. Success for you! 😁

Brother voted me and unfollowed my link, brother kept close to you, I too will be close to me

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