Flagging for Peace, Not War

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Hi Friends!

I feel like when we say the word "flag" around here, it is usually met with a host of negative emotions and thoughts flagging wars. I just want to take a moment to step back, and reflect on how the ability to flag actually adds a tremendous amount of value to this community.

Sometimes I also add a Youtube link to my posts if some people are having a hard time playing the video - which means my content is sometimes viewed by people on YouTube as well. I recently got an inappropriate/offensive comment on one of those videos, and it made me really appreciate the dynamics we have here on Steemit.

If I had gotten a comment like that here, I could have flagged it - but on YouTube, there isn't really a negative consequence to that person for saying something like that.

I just wanted to take a quick moment to remind everyone that the ability to flag with monetary value really helps protect the eco-system we have here. It is pretty rare to get trolling/hateful comments like that here on Steemit, and a huge part of that is potential to be flagged or downvoted.

Hence my title "Flag for peace, not war". I think having the ability the flag really sets us apart as a community and helps to keep trolls at bay. I think as more content creators become aware of this, it will only help to attract more people into our community because they will realize that maybe they don't HAVE to put up with countless trolls and hateful commenters on their videos.

I hope you enjoyed this video and hearing my thoughts on flagging and some of it's benefits. As with anything in life - balance is key. Yes, flagging has the ability to create animosity sometimes, but it also brings a lot of value to the community.

XO, Lea


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Lol, flagging is a useful thing to warn trolls or copycats, do as you wish with your Steem power guys! :D


Couldn't agree more @endless.drugs. People are free to use their SP however they wish. I choose to mostly upvote stuff that I think is awesome - and then only use the downvote button if it is really needed. :)

1AA0E3E9-8A62-485D-B470-6101FB0D827B.jpeg I can’t believe someone disrespected your ring and you!! This is my Mene charm response to them above. Let’s imagine what that stands for


You got it!! :)

Flagging has its place but I feel it is too often used to silence people here on Steemit. Flagging wars are all the rage right now. It is amazing how it is used to either create sides or just make sure someone knows that they are hated. Again, I do agree there are uses for flags, most of time just as your example, it can be used in inappropriate ways as well.


Thanks for jumping into the conversation @liquidtravel. I agree that flagging wars have created a lot of issues here on Steemit and it makes me sad to see good people targeted in these wars. That's why I wanted to make this post. To remind everyone that flagging isn't always negative and there have been positive effects on the community - even if we don't think about it very often. We reap the benefits of fewer trolls here on Steemit without always thinking about why that is.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response!


Search for grumpy cat and you will see what I mean

I love your ring! I love the sensitivity that you bring to this platform. It's that feminine trait that we need more of in the community. And when I say sensitivity, it's not a negative connotation. It's a softness and vulnerability that it's (yet) prevalent on here. Great job, luv!


aww thanks my friend! I agree that there could be a lot more space for sensitivity, softness, vulnerability and feminine energy here on the platform. Thanks for calling that out. <3

Steemit is like a self healing organism.


Such a great point! The platform was setup to be self sustaining without a central authority.

Oh so sorry about that.
Some people just like to be rude and disrespectful.
Try ignoring or showing less interest. I believe your YouTube fans will do the mouth-flagging for you (in your defence).


Thanks @topfreeser! I don't have many YouTube fans... haha I put most of my energy here on Steemit. ;) But I appreciate the point that you made! In the end, the positive comments will prevail over negative on good content - no matter where you are.

Would you consider flagging a person with an opposing opinion just because you can?



Hi @tonygreene113! This post was more about using flagging for hate/trolling comments and not opposing opinions. I think opposing opinions are really healthy for a community - especially if people are able to stay respectful of the other person while engaging in debate.

some fun without hurting anybody must appreciated

good video dtubers content creator star on trending words

Nice to meet you @coruscate , i saw a bit from your video just when you mentioned about @canadian-coconut ...I just want to say that she's a great person, doing great things in community and when judging who to flag and why...I strongly believe she would be last person to flag..when I needed help in my family situation, she came even though I never talked with her..not many do that as far as I've seen. I believe that flagging possibility exists to help at keeping steemit a great and valuable community regarding content..not to be used for personal differences and/or wars...that's only kids' thing.
To be honest, I created my account 8 months ago or 9...I flagged two times...one time I flagged a simple picture which inspired nothing when you would see it and there were many pucs posted like this on that account...second one it wad on Dmania when there was the bots fight among users, fighting for the supreme upvote lol...after that day i recognised myself as being a stupid kid and stopped it as it wasn't helping in any way the Steemit environment. I'm happy to meet you and I like a lot your honesty!

You are great !!!!! Im new here.
nice to meet