Full Steem Ahead

in vlog •  2 months ago

Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?

So today was an "on call" day at work, with no call, so I took off to a park, to make the most of this glorious spring day, for some spring vlogging.

I headed down to another old Pokemon Go haunt, and talked about life.

Please enjoy.


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Glad things are going better mate and thanks for showing us that cool locomotive. Australia the nanny country:(


Please Sir, may I have some basic rights?
It can only go so far before something snaps 😲

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Very true mate :)

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sir bobaphet! ha! yes sir what a society we live in today always looking for someone to sue! same everywhere I reckon. Hard to believe no one wanted your free appliances! I would think the landlord would love them!
Looks like you're getting around well though so that's good! no pain?
sorry for the small vote, my sp is less than 50% so I'm trying to not drain it completely today! lol.


Yes, recovering well :) Cheers.