A tram from the 1900s

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What you don't need is a time machine, but what you do need is to visit the physical time capsules lingering around us that can you back in time.
This specific tram I got on was built in the 1900s, somewhere around the early 1980s. Till date it is fully functional and full-speed ahead. It is simply incredible how these pieces of history are still around us and breathing.
Some may not find them as exciting as I did. That was obvious when the conductor made a joke about foriegners like myself always recording trams and other "old crap", as she said it.

Recently, Ukraine has decided to flood more and more modern and locally made trams into the cities. As cool as they may be, they will replace these beautiful mechanical magics which date over multiple decades. The other oldest mode of public transportation I have been on is a metro cabin that was built in the early 1980s. There is so much history, and pride residing in these beautiful machines.

All that said, the older trams can be incredibly noisy. If you arent a fan of incresing vibrations and shakey stuff, you better stay away from these. I always prefer carrying my noise cancellation earbuds on trams and the metro routes that still employ older machines.

Everything from the seats to the exterior is still lagging in the black and white era. It is such a classic and a fun ride! There are modern e-ticket terminals on the tram but it is always fun to buy a ticket from the conductor. There is a belief that if the first 3 digits on your ticket add up to the sum of the last 3 digits then you are lucky. How cool is that!

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