Don't Feed The Birds!

in vlog •  2 months ago


How are you doing today? I hope you are connecting with nature.

Today I was chilling with the birds in nature and I observed people feeding birds bread. This is a terrible thing to do. It may look like fun, and the birds may seem to love it, but if you feed them this way, you are inviting disease. Bread and other refined sugars/grains will kill birds and other wild animals so please consider not doing this.

Birds can find their own food as they've been doing before we arrived at the scene

If you must feed birds for recreation then please use natural food like bird seeds or wild berries.

Have a nice day :)

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Wow I did not know this. To think that a lot of people just do it carelessly and ignorantly...thanks for the heads up Ade

I think feeding birds bread as been programmed into us through the generations since a time before science even knew or understood what these types of food were doing to our own diet. I personally had never thought of it until watching this video, keep spreading the word, I know its something I will never do again now I know.


Thank your for stopping by my friend.

You 're right bro, for that i feed them with sunflowers seeds.

would bread kill fish too.. as I'm uploading a video that one will be about feeding fish LOL