DTUBE VLOG - ⛏️ Steem Hunt Air Drop, 🤸 AcroYoga, 🍹 Delicious Smoothie

in vlog •  3 months ago

Hey what is up guys!!

Today was a fun day! Lots of video editing for DTUBE then meet up with my good friend for some AcroYoga in the park! After my workouts I love making a delicous smoothie.

Check out my new Vlog on @DTUBE

Did you guys get your Steemhunt air drop yet? They are free tokens you can claim over at Steemhunt.com

It was a beautiful day today in Sacramento! The weather has been cooling down a bit. It isn't blazing hot in the middle of the day, which is nice for some acroyoga at the park!
ezgif.com-video-to-gif (54).gif

Check out my new video to see my favorite smoothie that I have been making this week!😎👍
ezgif.com-video-to-gif (56).gif

Cheers! 🍹

Thanks so much for your support!!



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Man I gotta say you are getting better (not awkward anymore) and funnier in the videos. Thinking of getting a gym buddy here in FL, so I can at least do a hand stand from a sitting position. Takes abs. Congratulations on your success acromott! Hope all is well, seems so!


Hahah Thanks man!!! I still feel awkward sometimes, but I feel like I have definitely gotten smoother than when I first started making vlogs.

Handstands starting from a sit!? heck ya man! those are super hard. I want to be able to get those too!! :)


I'm sure it's all core, lots of abs. One of my old students (that goes to the same college I did 5 years ago) could do it! He is going into the Air Force I believe.

I got my Steemhunt tokens...
Sorry to hear about STEVEN.


Good good😁👍

  • @acromott How good it feels to slow down the positions. I can't believe the acroyoga. The banana juice looks exquisite. I love all kinds of fruit juices. Thank you for sharing. Happy night, buddy.

Thanks!! Yeah I have been loving making smoothies everyday! :)


Great, man, they're super delicious.

great stuff!!