5 Reasons Why I Hate Being Autistic

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This is an older video from 2018 where I explained 5 reasons why I hate being autistic. Some were from my personal experiences when I was in school. Really the stigma and misinformation are what makes it difficult. Keep in mind, this is from 2018.

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Autism Talk:

I'm autistic and good video. Very true. It can be tough. Autism may come in different shapes and sizes, like a spectrum perhaps. Some people may have more of it and some may have less.

Nerds, Geeks, Bookworms

But autism might be similar to what nerds, geeks, and book worms have. Autism might be an ingredient, a specific style within the brain and everything. Sadly, people want other people to think, talk, act, feel, believe, and do normal things or similar things. A jock can expect people to look at things from a general perspective. But some nerds may focus on the details, part by part. That is important. And that is diversity, meaning different people do things differently. And some people don't like that or don't know that. And then like you said, they may bully the four-eyed freaks like me maybe. And I remember being teased and stuff. So, I kind of thought I was an alien for a while.

If folks were more diverse with different learning styles instead of 'if you don't do X like me, you're stupid, etc' it would be easier. The autistic isn't the problem. It's society. I think folks w/autism struggle finding people who share the same interests. Which is why schools should have more clubs for that.

BTW, I'm reinstating videos on my old channel for my blog. It doesn't make sense shooting a brand new video unless I didn't like the quality.

I agree with you. That is why it is valuable to network with people who can roll with us. And like you said, society generally don't.

I love your honesty in this video. I know it is a struggle but I didn't know this is this hard. Thanks for sharing your experience. People need more empathy and should stop bullying people for being different.

I agree. People need to learn diversity rather than 'my way or the high way'

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