La nueva agresión de Trump obliga al mundo a cambiar una vez más

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Many of Trump's allies met him in Paris last weekend to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War, known as the war that would end all wars.

Trump came to this commemoration of peace after exacerbating hostility at home, after threatening his adversaries with knocking them down if they do not conform to his wishes.

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Not only did he attack the press, which he again accused of spreading false news, but he warned the Democrats - who have just won a majority in the House of Representatives - that if they try to use their new powers to investigate it, he will also will investigate.

This was the opening salvo of the trumpist policy of "take everything". This is how the most powerful man in the world prepares himself for the two years he has left in office. That was the subject of the cover of the Times here in London.

The cover shows Trump pointing his finger at Jim Acosta, the CNN's main correspondent in the White House, while my friend and colleague asks him a question and a White House assistant tries to take the microphone from him.

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