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My take on Vivacoin

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I was the first crownholder, the winner of that original Steemit auction that netted me a cool 100 Crowns. I was ecstatic, thinking that I had finally gotten in on the ground floor of something that was going to be huge. That first night I had a long chat with William Banks and he shared the very first alpha design of what would become TradrQwik with me. I was convinced he was a genius on the order of Vitalik Buterin and Dan Larimer. I went on to accumulate a lot more Viva assets in the ICO and created some of the charts & diagrams used in the whitepaper. When Viva finally collapsed, I owned 1000 TQS, close to 10,000 VIVA, and greater than 500,000 VIP. And now all that paper wealth is worthless, because the man I put so much trust in turned out not to be a genius after all.

But you know what? I’ve shrugged it off and moved on. That old saying “never invest what you can’t afford to lose” exists for a reason. Viva was a blow to me, but not one I can’t recover from. This is crypto, where new opportunity is just around the corner. I may have lost a lot on Viva but I know I’ll make it back before long on something else. To succeed in crypto investing you almost have to expect to suffer through a disaster or two at some point.

I admire your idea and how it tries to rescue the spirit of Viva, but I’m so tired of anything that sounds even remotely like Viva. I’m looking ahead, excited about Cardano and EOS and Vice and oh yeah maybe my Tezos investment is finally going to pay off. So many exciting things to look forward to!

I consign Viva to the past. Let it rot in the shadowy depths of William’s prison cell, and may it rest in peace.

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I have a friend who used to work in USA on some high corporate positions for a long time.
When asked once, which skills are necessary to succeed in corporate America, she answered promptly - self presentation skills.
Well, the self presentation skills of Viva team are not to be denied. )
I do understand that probably most of people involved in Viva would just prefer to write it off.
I wish you success with your other projects.



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Thanks for that, now I’m going to have to learn more about how Pocket works. And best of luck to you as well.


You already have 500 Pocket now )
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Lol, that's a huge amount of TQS! You must have been rolling in FuckTokens!

Or whatever those silly coins were. It was the Introduction of all of those that finally signalled to be the cane was a bogey.

Exactly as you say though, this is crypto. There is more gold in them thar hills!!