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RE: On VIVA and TradeQwik - A Heart to Heart from Dawn - August 5, 2018

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If @vivacoin were really trying to help and be honest, as with any other blockchain project, there would be transparency. That is something that was never shared nor it ever will for obvious reasons. The blockchain is all about honesty and even though Steven claimed to have one, there wasn't. Dawn Parker-Waites was the most unprofessional person to work with. Lashing out at her partners, unable to control her emotions, and unwilling to admit that she could not fill the role. On top of that, her claim that "it's not about the money, it's about helping people" was a load of BS as we all now know. We as a community have no choice but to question every single one of her actions alongside Steven Morrey's. All we want are transparency reports being uploaded. We want evidence of the audit. I think we deserve it. Doing otherwise only shows that there is something to be hidden, and well, we all know what that is. But let us remember that karma will take care of itself, and there are at least 11 hells to end up in.


The site is ranked quite good by search engines, so for everyone who wants to check background of Glenna Dawn Parker this information will be available easily.
But I bet there's a bit more than just reputation at stake for her here.
I can see in the records that Viva Holdings LLC have submitted its annual tax report on
May 1 2018
I would be very much surprised if VHL did report all the money it got from the ICO as "profits".

It wouldn't need to. The state of Wyoming only taxes profits generated from in state activities, this is the reason WHY we chose Wyoming. You need to examine the federal income tax report. If you'd like we can probably post that in the next few days.

If you'd like we can probably post that in the next few days

Yes, please do that. I think I'm not the only one interested to look into.

Since I'm not familiar with US laws, could you also enlighten me why VHL did not formally reported the insolvency issue (bankruptcy) to the authorities ?


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