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Part two of my brand new Optical Illusion series, this time involving the Steem logo into the optical effect animation.

A real eye crusher, if you watch it in 4K fullscreen and focus on the center. Do not look away until music fades out after about a minute. Then look around or even better in the mirror to check your distorted perception of reality.

Steem Hypno episode II

The 3D animation was created with cinema4D R19 and AfterEffects, all new exclusive original stock footage royality free. original content by @elgeko

In case you missed the first one: STEEM HYPNO episode I


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all animations are


created and produced by



Just bought all liquid Steem available. Guess the animation works...
Nice artsy creations, Geko!

Hey thanX a lot @surfermarly . . . Did I tell you already, that you look awesome ? You are one of the brightest and most sympathic personality I have seen on this platform. You are a very good ambassador for Steem. If you represent Steem I have a good, positive feeling.

😻 Keep up your awesomeness.

Aaaaaw, Geko!!! How sweet is that? :-))
Let's hope that those positive vibes will be converted in an uptrend pretty soon.

Have a nice day! :-)

Grande - very cool Stuff :-)

Great. I love your work. Thumb up

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