Tree of Life Meander - extended version

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Tree of Life Meander - extended version

3D flight through chaos and order exploring the beauty of fractal math

all visual animations and editing by @elgeko

FullHD - royalityfree - stockfootage - stockmaterial

reference music taken from a minimal dubstep mix

Here are some of my other recent stock footage releases:

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created and produced by @elgeko



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you are a pristine Geode of Druzy crystals amongst pebbles

That's something new and interesting 😎

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amazing and it touches my heart. if you working as team work then follow me

Wow that remember me the subatomic, the particle theory.
Microscopic world.
I like it!

Nice art.

I could watch this all day. Nice work

Really catchy...

Hypnotizing. Love it 👏💕💯

I love it so much. It is wonderful.I can watch it all day..!!!!!!!!

Excellent post mate, I liked it a lot. Quality with dedication! regards!!!

Woow this is cool 😍

I like that

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