How's Your Lockdown Going? Stay Safe

in #virus3 years ago

This are tough periods for the world now. There are now over 1 million infected people around the globe and about 60k people have been killed by the deadly virus.


What Are You Doing To Stay Safe?

In periods like this you can never be too careful. Ignorance might make some people around you see you as a weirdo because they are not aware of the complexity of the matter. It should be your duty to inform them of how necessary the precautionary measure to prevent the virus are.

Over here in my hometown in Nigeria, some people give me odd looks because I wear a mask about and now I refuse to shake people's hands. Some would say it's in our culture to greet people and embrace, but I guess the virus does not regard our culture, therefore my safety comes first.

My Lockdown has been really boring, maybe now I'll start to make 4-5 posts a day talking about what I'm doing that day. I'm turning steemit to my personal library till all this is over.

Thanks for reading... Bye guys

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