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I'm working right now so I can't make this as detailed as I would like, but there is a massive cyber attack happening in Russia and it's satellite countries, but it is looking to be the beginning as it could quickly spread around the globe.

This is very similar to the previous attacks as it seems to encrypt the files on a computer and asks for Bitcoin to unencrypt it

Click Here to Read Specifics on the attack


Anyone could get hit with this type of ransomware. Everyone make sure you keep current backups. And keep them offline. Ransomware can also connect to network drives and encrypt files on shared folders.

Thanks for the great advice. You sound like a wise man.

wazza backup?


keep a fresh backup offline as stated above. Factory reset that B if you get this msg pproblem solved

Maybe a working solution or an useful advice shared from my friend Jure Pirc -
the creator of LanaCoin

damn...why did I just click that can be such an idiot sometimes.
No foul @embat but yeah...that's from Aprill 11 and in my mind if it would protect us then it would be selling like proverbial hotdogs...guess it's still scaling?

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

Did something bad happen when you clicked the link? He he, cos anything that cries wold about viruses and then immediately asks you to click a random link always makes me paranoid, he he.

Hi there little leaf eater ~smiles~

No nothing bad far as I'm aware...not a techy though.

I totally get what you're saying though...them damnable PUPs are really screw'n the pooch these days...they're everywhere!


screw'n the pooch???? lol - that's the funniest turn of phrase I've heard all day

lol...well that was 4 hrs ago...some things just aren't meant to last...~smiles fer miles~

Enjoy your day!

I am thinking the same thing of every link I see now !!

I know eh? It's getting absolutely redonkulous! ;-)

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

Maybe Crowdstrike can take look at the servers to see if Russia did it.


I read that the ransomware petya looks like a chkdsk process
so if you don't have started a chkdsk task and this message appears, you should shut down your device immediately.

More advise:

  1. Keep your device and virus software up to date all the time (security patches and updates)
  2. Backup your files!!!!!!
  3. Don't use global network user (one user for all network drives) and never use an administrator account for it.

If you think you're infected, shut down your device. When your device is turned off, no files can be crypted.


Wow. This world that we live in....

This is becoming a serious problem, without getting too conspiratorial, I often wonder why there isn't a solution to this. Surely money is a motivator for creating a universal block to these attacks as much as money motivates the attackers. Is there even a will to stop it?

I feel like shutting my computer down until this wave goes through...would that even protect me?

The risk associated with getting attacked is not large enough to warrant taking stronger security measures. Companies perform cost benefit analysis and often accept a certain amount of risk (others are just plain ignorant when it comes to security). As for a universal block, that would require a fundamental changes to the TCP / IP protocol (the internet as we know it) or for software applications to have 100% security to incoming traffic neither which seem feasible in the near future.

Disconnecting your computer from the internet would protect you granted that you do not have any malicious software currently hiding on computer. Though you may need a connection to receive security patches, fixes that may arise.

You can count me among the ignorant when it comes to security. Not so ignorant as to not comprehend what you're saying here, and I do thank you for taking the time to leave a full and credible answer to my question.

Currently I've dispensed with all malware and security programs available as I've found they're more trouble than they're worth. PUPs scare me and seem to be running around chewing up anything they can...just like any cute little puppy would. ~smiles~ I know that's not why they're called PUPs.

My security consists of updating and doing regular scans with Window's defender, and it's well as anything added on behind the scenes by my internet service provider...which at the moment is Telus Communications. Seems to be the fix for me as I've had no problems for the past two years.

I'm sure my ignorance will come back to bite me in the bytes at some point though. Perhaps AI will come up with a universal fix. We all have enough worries away from the internet.

anything that hasnt been solved yet wasnt meant to be. maybe thats vague and ridiculous but its true. cancer, government, space, whatever. without getting TOO conspiratorial, we humans have the power to accomplish anything if there is a reason for it, and we tend to. that said, there are a lot of things that are more profitable unsolved thus we are here

just dont think about it and youll be fine lol

lol...not thinking is my strong suit

This is important, resteemed.

Very busy my friend.
Its okay, you have post this one to imform us about virus.
Thanks so much my frirnd.
I like it so much.

I can almost promise you these attacks are coming from America. Not a bunch of kids in basements, grown ass men in cheap suits in basements. probably in Virginia, or D.C.. This is our government at work, taxes are too slow and require new laws. Why mine bitcoin, when they can extort it from their perceived enemies.

yikes! >< i liked the one where they made you play a game better =(

This why i believe in having a computer to surf and one fro business, and backed up weekly/daily onto a external hard drive, redundancy back ups, let one computer go down, i got backups wipe it out and everything is just like i left it.
the importance of backing up and keeping it off line is the best security I can think of.

This, pretty much. If all the encrypted files are stored elsewhere, what's the trouble?

I don't really know? Seems everything keeps getting hacked, seems like the only option is back up, and keep offline. Right or wrong?

Go check out my steemit page @janus27 , I made to post with links to a news network explaining what is going on!

Got to be careful. Do you have link to the detailed news about this?

Thanks for getting this news out there!

Thanks for sharing

cyberattacks is going to be a norm

I wonder if this one will have the brains to use more than one bitcoin address so they know if someone paid lol.

How nice of them to offer their remote decryption services! Just kidding.

Lol just thinking about the attack I'm skeptical to click any links but since its you I guess hahaha

I thought the same 😄

All your bitcoin are belong to me?

Wow, good to know, gotta be careful these days :)

its not really scary for anyone except for the cabal.. they will be the only victoms

brace for a price hike. well the buying in window is soon going to shut down again and the hack its not just limited to countries it going through companies as well, Maersk OIl was recently affected and it is even affected some operations of GE.

In case anyone is interested, LINK to WALLET:

19 transactions of around 0.125 BTC each + 1 smaller one.

Thanks for sharing

time to run webroot, Ccleaner and Hitman Pro again.

Shit not again !

It has spread to the US already, Spain, and the UK. Time for people to do some panic backups. Or major corporations at the very least. Merck has been hit already.

Be careful online, and make sure you make regular offline backups.

We have been hit this morning. Cannot disclose the name of the company I'm working for but it is incredibly annoying.

This is scary! Please keep us up to date with what is happening

Go on YouTube and search Ukraine hack CBSN they have an update and talked to a security expert how to protect yourself against this to.

How to protect yourself: don't go on weird porn and warez website! :D stick to the well known ones!

6th Gate of Hell

1st - Recreating value of cryptocurrency
2nd - Blowing the value to the unlimited sky by placing it on both free and closed/world market
3rd - Expanding the value and multiplying it to have higher reach
4rd - BitCoin Global Domination
5th - Sudden drop of values without any particular reason
6th - Creating Chaos by marketing news for currently 60% of digital population where 15% actually goes online and step aside from cryptocurrency while buying their shares at ridiculous price and dominating the market by fixing permanently.

Silent World War 3. Chaos. Hell.

May I ask two questions, where i really want replies as just opinions. Nobody can prove nothing, including me.

  1. Current residence of Edward Joseph Snowden anyone please ?
  2. Related ? (Screenshot below)

How about this... less than two weeks after Russia makes their intentions to incorporate Ethereum into its governmental working, there is a massive attack both on Ethereum and the Russian banking system within days of each other.

There are no coincidences in geopolitics.

That is so disturbing on so many levels

Thanks for the info.

Please excuse my stupidity here folks but can this also effect Linux systems too? (I'm running Ubuntu :)

Upvoted and resteemed. Be careful.

wow.... thanks!

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Ugh..... :(

Thank you very much for the heads up @cryptowallet!

I been keeping up with this and it's getting out of hand, hard part it's hard to control if systems / networks are not protected properly.

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