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A Blockchain and AI-powered metaverse that provides a completely immersive experience to escape the bitter state that we are living in today and move out to a completely new place, world, universe or galaxy where you define the lifestyle and rules.

Why DenCity

Earn in Meta Life-Spend in Real Life:-

As the meta-environment replicates the actual environment and with the integration of blockchain your earnings in DenCity-metaverse directly translate to your earnings in the real life.

Decentralized Governance:-

In DenCity, there are no pre-defined centralised systems such as banks and government organizations and all important decisions relating to DenCity are taken through a voting/election format using CASTX protocol. This protocol ensures that all the voting is democratic, decentralized and secure.

In Environment Economics:-

DenCity’s economy is regulated by DNX token which is a standard ERC20 token for Peer to Peer payments. Along with this, each and every business transaction is executed via a smart contract which makes it the world’s first trustless economy.

Social Capital:-

We believe that relationships are essential to the survival of a human being. Incorporating this thought, the basic decentralised system is designed in such a way that encourages interaction between Denizens leading to in-environment friendships and relationships. Here, you will be able to form social groups, take someone out, start a family and many other things.

DenCity Use-Cases:

Social Groups: Groups that currently gather in online forums, chat groups, or even other centralized multiplayer games could port their communities in DenCity environment to conduct activities and discussions

Meeting Spaces: For companies whose employees are distributed across the globe, they will be able to hold interactive and diverse VR environment meetings within DenCity.

Education: A teacher can provide his/her services to students across the globe in a more interactive and friendly manner through DenCity

Content Creators: Team DenCity encourages all Denizens to actively participate in the economy and enables content creators to publish and sell content within the DenCity environment.


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Read the DenCity Whitepaper with detailed description of the technologies, architecture, and all the other essential information about the platform here

The Technology Behind DenCity


DenCity’s technology is based on a 3 layer architecture that combines 3 major technologies. These three technologies namely Virtual Reality, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence form the three layers of DenCity :

Virtual Reality: Interaction Layer

VR is basically the interaction layer that provides the interface for the users to participate, contribute and live in the DenCity as a Denizen.

Blockchain: Ownership Layer

Blockchain provides the ownership layer where you are the owner of the assets that you have built or earned over time. The cryptographic proof of ownership ensures that under no circumstances can your DenCity life be snatched away from you.

The Blockchain layer also acts as a governance layer as the Metaverse will need rules and regulations decided by the citizens.

Artificial Intelligence: Intelligence Layer

With a deep integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence, our system constantly learns how you are as a person and can predict or carry out your actions even when you are offline thus giving your avatar (Metaverse Parallel) the pseudo-freedom to carry out tasks and take decisions in your absence .
Our intelligent AI algorithms help generate environments that are constantly evolving as the number of citizens join, interact and transact.


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To know more about DenCity click here.

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