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What is it?
For virtual sex you will need a room, dim lights, the computer and the Internet. Well, also is not superfluous to the interviewee, or the interviewee will serve as the main link between the words you and sex . You can assume that he looks like johnny Depp or your friend Bob, who in real life does not pay attention to you.

You neither see your interlocutor's face, nor his body (which wholly separates you from the frustration), I don't feel its smell (in the heat it is also important bonus), can't hear his voice. Only the words that you knock on the keyboard. If your communication uses the word "hands", "buttocks", "language", "login" etc . on the list of your perverted fantasies can be sure that this is the most virtual sex, which you have heard so much and never worked.

Where is it?
All depends on your level of advancement in the use of PC: you can use standard chat rooms and ICQ ,e-mail . If you have such a device as a web camera and everything becomes much easier, because the boundaries are expanded to Skype and Web chat (about all the possibilities of Webcams we'll talk later). Also common game via SMS and phone, but that's a slightly different story.

Like this?
For starters, you need to forget the concept of "modesty" . Forget received education and that the mother said the word dick to people pronouncing it "cock" . You are going to conquer the vast expanses of sex, virtual and not santekh-devices. Although don't be surprised if you find a nut who is excited by the fivefold repetition of the word "tap"- is as lucky.

Also, Virt implies that the other person will want to know what you look like. That is the color of eyes, lips, hair. Often find out what you are wearing, your erogenous zones and the shape of the breast. This is not to be trapped(provided that you communicate via standard and not web chat). And then the other person will write, "Oh, I'm lost in your red hair with your hands, rip off you out of jeans...." (well, and so on, what he enough imagination, and you sit not in the business in shorts and a helmet and it turns out that you are cheating and your tiberiubanica, and their fantasies). You can of course invent, and even better. But don't sit and stare at a poster of Angelina Jolie and wrote in small letters it will look. Such an erotic tracings all already know by heart, and only cause boredom and loss of connection. Moreover, all of a sudden your companion is also hanging the same poster of the "Cool girl" 2005 release.

Who is it?
There to believe is very difficult. Exactly exactly until (if) until you agree to meet in person . But most likely, you will not do it: there's too much chance of mutual disappointment. Yes, and we should not mix the real and virtual world, covert and overt. And partner is unlikely to agree - maybe he is not who he claimed to be. Well, if instead of 25 he will be 50, it's likely that your partner Wirth may be the same sex with you... Although the spread of homosexuality has reached the stage that those W e gays consciously looking for a partner and almost immediately talk about their orientation. Logical, because behind a mask made up of traffic and a computer monitor, you will never acknowledge your good neighbor Vitya...

Most likely, Wirth engaged in older people, the likelihood of a person 16 years of age is very low . After all, communication needs to be spoken. But in the main, people with secondary education and barely ended puberty does not know more than three words, two of which are "I" and "you." No, maybe of course, he's precocious, but in the 16 boys still just shaking porn and buying magazines, while dreaming about his classmate Lena.

Maniacs. Meet them here is unlikely. No, of course there are virtual maniacs, but we can live quietly - hardly someone from them will dare to hit you your tendencies in the real world. And the usual maniacs still often walk in the woods, so dark alleys, rather than in unfamiliar sites and chat rooms. Everyone has their own so to speak, specialization and interests.

Some facts that will open Virt:

To live without sex is possible (but not necessary);

  • Obscene words are never;
    -Words are power;
    No matter what color your panties, as well as the size and texture(remember the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary", where the heroine wore shorts scarier to not sleep with a guy);
    Sex is still difficult.
  • Sleep better with interesting people;
    Every kiss is a life changing;
  • Can I make love to ten men at a time;
  • Some men are actually women (and Vice versa).
  • Any reality is virtual;
  • What all do stupid things;
  • Ashamed of us, in General, nothing.

Why is that?
In the virtual the most important is all the memories, sensations, aftertaste, rather than the process itself. You can ask partner what the outcome of your communication, whether it is finished or not. But he could easily lie to you, and you'll never know the truth. So the interesting thing to ask you to tell me what happened in your last communication. And just his memories, their content (what it was and what actually was not) - this is the real Wirth. What was in your recent love games – a kind of imitation of real love and relationships. The most important thing is what happens to you in your moment of virtual sex. Because in the first place – you do it for yourself. Try to imagine, what would you tell your tiberiubanica about what happened with you....

Everything is cheaper and not as expensive as in normal sex. Can I save money on condoms and a doctor's note to carry is not necessary. The only danger is that your lover can save history of your conversation and use it to their advantage. I.e. it is possible that it will be on some website, or, as they say, used against you. Therefore, the choice of partner should be treated with caution and not revealing much about your real life and people from it. Still virtual sex is for both of you.

Effects almost none: the Internet still has not been pregnant, bouquet of Venus is also impossible to catch, well, to rape, no one can (if only mentally). Yes mad, too impossible, of course, if this was not serious of prerequisites previously. Because attached to this is difficult - still, once all the words are said, the most daring dreams embodied and the computer will again be used for its intended purpose(although who knows what he still needs people).
There's only one serious danger is to fall in love with words, letters and spaces, assuming that your interlocutor is real....


i just love virtual sex .....

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