VIPER | UPDATE #1 | Editor + VIP + Comments + Style Improvements

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Dear STEEM community,

We're really excited to release this update.


What is Viper?

Viper is a web application written in Javascript that runs in the browser which enables you to create and consume digital contents such as blog posts, videos, sounds, and online courses, created and curated by a truly awesome community which are rewarded with shares driven from the Steem inflation. Multimedia content is stored on the top of IPFS and LBRY which are both decentralised and stable systems resistant to censorship, network failures and natural disasters.

Digitalization has driven major advances in the economy and society. This progress has had a powerful positive impact on the lives of people in developing and emerging countries. Today, more children are educated, fewer people suffer from hunger, child mortality has receded and a global middle class has taken shape.

VIPER's primary objective is to provide a free and secure worldwide access to unbiased and quality knowledge related materials such as posts, articles, and courses in the educational and information sharing sector trough a pleasant yet efficient experience while fairly incentivizing content creators and curators using the inflation of the capitalized value of the network subjectively increased during the creation of their materials.

VIPER's secondary objective is to establish an open knowledge market and a transparent competition in the information creation sector as the cornerstones of digital growth stimuli, creating innovation-friendly environment and thus giving people the opportunity for social advancement and greater economic prosperity. [viper-whitepaper.pdf]

What's new?


Viper's style and design has been improved, the toolbar is now animated with a slightly changing background's colour following the optimal human's heart rate for reading along with a red light scanner effect.

You'll also probably notice a few other small improvements around design and architecture.


viper-network.github.io_ (1).png

viper-network.github.io_(iPhone 6) (3).png


Keyboard shortcuts work perfectly and markdown typing is fully supported, it automatically translate markdown input into visible editor elements which aims to provide an highly efficient writing on desktop devices.

We're still working on media upload.

viper-network.github.io_ (3).png

viper-network.github.io_ (4).png

viper-network.github.io_(iPhone 6).png

viper-network.github.io_(iPhone 6) (2).png


VIP post editor is exactly working like Twitter, you can type hashtag which are also automatically converted, you can mention users and includes images, sounds, and videos. VIP post's length is limited to 177 characters.



Comments are now displayed and the comment's editor has been improved which now support tags, mentions and basic markdown typing such as bold style and images. A snackbar is displayed when the reply is successfully sent or in the case of a network error which aims to be a bit more agreeable.

localhost_8080_@mes_article_mathematics_predator-prey-systems-example-2-part-2 (2).png

We invite you to post some VIP post and to tell us what you may like and what you would like to improve.
Feel free to subscribe and to comment below.

VIPER stand for a better world with more equal opportunities trough a fluid access to high quality free worldwide education and unbiased knowledge materials while reinforcing diversity and freedom of opinion.

Best Regards,

Viper's, Vortex's, and Esteem8's team

GitHub // // Feedback

Stay tuned!


Impressive work! I can tell you all put a lot of work into this. Upvoted, followed and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

Viper's programmers be like


If I post in viper. network if i can get upvote from you

thank you for your information and thank you for sharing too

You are a creative genious!!!!

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very good post ... useful
thanks for sharing

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thanks for your valuable informations

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