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I first learned about Maurice Sklar when he was interviewed by Sid Roth on his show " It's Supernatural." This aired on April 6, 2009. He is a world class concert violinist. Maurice travels the world ministering with his music, testimony, sermons, and prophecy. While he plays his violin, people may experience emotional and physical healing.

I enjoyed this interview so much, that I purchased the CD, and gave it to a family member.

You can find this TV interview on the internet.

Here is a sample of his violin music.

Dr Maurice Sklar - YouTube
Video for maurice sklar testimony youtube▶ 3:54

May 19, 2009 - Uploaded by Matrixqc
25:05. Testimony Maurice Sklar Violinist - Duration: 10:17. TheSevenBright 1,176 views. 10:17. Karen Davis ...

Maurice Sklar - talented and gifted man of God who plays for the world.


The violin has a great sound. And touches the most delicate strings of the soul!

Maurice is a gift and blessing to the world. Maybe this video was for you.
Thank you for replying.
Be blessed.

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