Musical goodies part 4

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I would like to share with you some of my personal classics

from the darker spectrum of my collection...


Metal albums that have had a significant influence

On in the way I See,

((And Feel and Play music))

Music that has...(("Altered My Path"))...

"I associate heavy metal with fantasy
because of the tremendous power that the music delivers."
Christopher Lee


Domination(1995), Abominations of desolation (1991), Heretic(2003),
Altars of madness(1989).

Morbid Angel is a band that I am very fond of.
Their older material embodies the powerful death metal sound
that has fuelled my love for metal during my high school years.
From Tampa Florida...

This is the one you start with.


Live in L.A (1991) Lucky are those that were present at this live recording.

This album contains many of the classics, but all of their albums are gold.
If you want to listen to DEATH metal, this is Florida death metal at it's best.
Great guitar riffs, legendary band.


Reinkaos (2006)

Gatefold album, full booklet, very nice indeed!
I kept it in mint condition. (Listen to it on cd :) have the live show on dvd.)
A black metal band who's musical influence will still resonate with me many years from now.
The old, the new, it's all good.


Det som engang var (CD 1993) vinyl repress (20)

This album was my first real taste of black metal (see yellowed and torn cd on picture).
My 15 year old ears were not expecting this kind of sound,
someone had offered it to me, saying that if I liked metal I would like this...
Disgusting was my first impression,
too raw. But then it grew on me...



The olden domain (1997)

Beautiful composition on this one, timeless feel and sound.
I love it on a rainy day... The title says it all.


                     BY:Elaine @philodendron

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May the spirit of metal be with you! Much love xxx


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