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Continuing on @rossfletcher 's theme I hope to work my way through my vinyl collection over the next few years, sharing the cover art and the vinyl label as well. If the album sleeve has artwork I shall share that as well. I will also include a track from each side


Hey Joe

This guitar Icon was quoted as saying ...Yeah, I know I not a singer but was encouraged to do so when hearing Bob Dylan sing. Man if that dude can do it .... so can I ...and that is me putting the extra into it, but I can imagine him thinking that

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Castles Made of Sand




We are trying to establish a vinyl community here.... so if you own vinyl, still listen to vinyl or even remember vinyl... share some of your collection under the #vinyljunkies tag in any format you like.

As always, thanks for reading, listening and just being here. I appreciate all five of you{smile}

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Ahhh... words are not enough for Jimi. Love him so much


@rossfletcher True that!

This is such a great record! Probably the best live album from Hendrix. Only con is that it's not a full concert but a simulation. They mixed multiple shows together to create this album.


Sort of a live greatest hits album. It's a good idea in a way though. I really like watching his concerts and seeing him and how he changes and deals with things. Sometimes there are screw ups or he will not be totally into it for a while then he changes gears and goes off. Often there's this almost shyness or modesty in between songs and then some totally nuts playing in between. I can't stand thinking about where he would have gone if he stayed alive...


Hehe your right greatest live hits album 👍

I think you say something so true about many artist that aren't among us anymore! What if they stayed alive... Freddie, Kurt, the King, Amy, Janis... 🤔

very good posting brother. good luck always in steemit business