Who's Got Vinyl? Queen First Album

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Continuing on @rossfletcher 's theme I hope to work my way through my vinyl collection over the next few years, sharing the cover art and the vinyl label as well. If the album sleeve has artwork I shall share that as well. I will also include a track from each side

Queen's first album simply named Queen was to my mind one of their best. In fact Queen, QueenTwo and Sheer Heart Attack I believe were their very best sound!!


Queen - Liar



Keep Yourself Alive

The above track was their first commercial hit and the first time I heard them. I was instantly hooked!!



I have a few of their albums so there will be more in the future.

We are trying to establish a vinyl community here.... so if you own vinyl, still listen to vinyl or even remember vinyl... share some of your collection under the #vinyljunkies tag in any format you like.

As always, thanks for reading, listening and just being here. I appreciate all five of you{smile}


the music is very fascinating @ themagus.anda has a very high musical taste.success is always for you friend.i am very happy once can be friends with people as well as you. Dear sir please visit my blog @engenkaya thank you
I also really like classical music, which is very beautiful.

Who doesn’t love Queen? He was an in credible performer. We will be enjoying these songs until we are old. 🐓🐓

Thanks for stopping by. I agree their music will last for a very long time.

Queen is one of my favourite bands and this album it's fantastic, they were on another level... They even went "prog"... and it's weird to hear Seven Seas of Rhye without lyrics!.

PS: Brian May with a beard looks like Jesus, lol!

Ahaha! Last night i watched under pressure with Freddie and David. I forgot about his long hair with bangs look!. What a front man! Damn. I wont even get into Brian's guitar, tone and Vox amps or i will bore the heck out of everyone

Brian's very distinctive guitar riff is a staple of the Queen sound...

It was what first got me interested in their music. I was a guitar geek kid so everything hinged on that, especially when i was younger. Not so much now. I can appreciate much more. One of the best things about getting older i guess!

Yeah, experience and knowledge. I want to weep with despair when I think of how many lovely young woman I rejected because I wanted 'perfection'.....and of course I never got perfection....

That's the story of my life right there! Sometimes random memories pop into my head and it's awful. What was i thinking? Oh yeah, not quite good enough. Can we go back and spend some time with all of them?

I would love to just find out how there life turned out .....

Since the internet and social media like facebook i do know somewhat how many of their lives went to a certain degree. It's weird. Some even contacted me and i'm friends with them on facebook. Marriages, kids, all that stuff. What i really want though is the time machine haha

Wow damn you got this one on vinyl! Little bit jealous overhere now... 😀
Never had the luck to find a version in good condition here.

Indeed one of their best albums. Perfect new beginning afther the band Smile for May and Taylor!

AHA!! A Queen afficionada.... good to hear. I actually stopped buying their music when A Day at the Races came out...
I must see if I can dig out Sheer Heart Attack .... definitely needs a listen again.

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