Who's Got Vinyl? Audience - House on the Hill

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Continuing on @rossfletcher 's theme I hope to work my way through my vinyl collection over the next few years, sharing the cover art and the vinyl label as well. If the album sleeve has artwork I shall share that as well. I will also include a track from each side

Audience were a cult British 'art' band who formed in 1969 and played as a unit until late 1972. In this time they released four studio albums, of which House on the Hill was the third, released in 1971. A really talented band of which I only owned (and heard) the one album


Audience - You're not smiling (Side One)


Looking at this back cover and reflecting on the front cover, what do you surmise went down in the artists mind when designing the cover?



Audience - I Put a Spell on You (Side Two)


Audience regrouped (pun intended) in 2004 and continued to perform at venues until 2013.

We are trying to establish a vinyl community here.... so if you own vinyl, still listen to vinyl or even remember vinyl... share some of your collection under the #vinyljunkies tag in any format you like.

As always, thanks for reading, listening and just being here. I appreciate all five of you{smile}

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Beautiful music.l like music.good post.i am upvote and resteem your post


Tjank you and thanks for listening.

Never heard of them! The track that you dropped is an interesting mixture though. It sounds like a psychedelic folk went glam. This dude has a cool timbre as well.


Excellent muso's ... I dropped the two shortest tracks. I love the sax in 'I put a spell on you'.
I did a post a few months ago around the various covers of that song.

Well here's a new one to me. I don't think i ever heard of them before