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So I was looking at my man's @calisay post: Who's Got Vinyl? - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody single (1975) talking about the new #tag proposed by @themagus to build a community of "vinyl junkies", and it got me pretty much excited because I love vinyl and was hoping to find my kind in Steemit, LOL.

So here it is, my first entry for #vinyljunkies, and cheers to @calisay, @themagus, @cryplectibles, @arcanu, & @rossfletcher... SO, LET'S DO THIS!


Published on April 26, 1982, it was the third solo album by Paul McCartney, and the first since the breakup of the great band WINGS, produced by the real fifth Beatle "_Sir George Martin:", and it's considered a rebirth of Macca in the musical arena of the 80's.

The recordings of the album began in July 1982, the sessions went great until an abrupt pause on December 9th, 1980, when George Martin and Paul in the morning got the terrible news that Mark Chapman had murdered John Lennon in New York city.

Out of sadness and respect, the recordings resumed the following year, in 1981.

In February of the same year, recording sessions were resumed with great guest artists, such as Steve Gadd, rockabilly idol Carl Perkins and even his ex-partner Ringo Starr, who plays drums in "Take it Away".

The last song recorded for Tug of War was "Ebony and Ivory" with the fantastic Stevie Wonder.


The last song of Side 1 is one of my favorites, Paul, in the best (and maybe the only way he knows), channels his sadness and writes a song to his musical partner, who despite what has been said in the press, John and Paul were friends again:

"Here Today"

And If I Say I Really Knew You Well
What Would Your Answer Be.
If You Were Here Today.

Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day.

Well Knowing You,
You'd Probably Laugh And Say That We Were Worlds Apart.
If You Were Here Today.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day.

But As For Me,
I Still Remember How It Was Before.
And I Am Holding Back The Tears No More.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- I Love You, Ooh-

What About The Time We Met,
Well I Suppose That You Could Say That We Were Playing Hard To Get.
Didn't Understand A Thing.
But We Could Always Sing.

What About The Night We Cried,
Because There Wasn't Any Reason Left To Keep It All Inside.
Never Understood A Word.
But You Were Always There With A Smile.

And If I Say I Really Loved You
And Was Glad You Came Along.

If You Were Here Today.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- For You Were In My Song.
Ooh- Ooh- Ooh- Here To - Day.

Because of all we know about The Beatles, the friendship and brotherhood between them, I dare to say that it is one of Paul's most honest and raw songs, it wrinkles your heart to hear him sing it live:

If you are a fan of The Beatles, like me, or you just like good music, I totally recommend this album, it shows the genius that is McCartney, with commercial and honest Hits ("Take it Away", "Ebony and Ivory"), he even sings about the eternal pursue of mankind for peace and freedom with the song that opens the album, "Tug of War", and of course he ends the album with the hidden jewel "Here today", that to be honest is more than a song, it's a farewell to a true friend.

All the songs written by Paul McCartney, except "What's That You're Doing?" co-written with Stevie Wonder

"Tug of War" - 4:22
Take It Away "- 4:14
"Somebody Who Cares" - 3:19
"What's That You're Doing?" (With Stevie Wonder) - 6:19
"Here Today" - 2:27

"Ballroom Dancing" - 4:07
"The Pound Is Sinking" - 2:54
"Wanderlust" - 3:49
"Get It" (With Carl Perkins) - 2:29
"Be What You See" - 0:34
"Dress Me Up as a Robber" - 2:41
"Ebony and Ivory" (With Stevie Wonder) - 3:46

#VinylJunkies RULES!

Thank you for your visit!

Luis Altuve AKA @LuisKrupaz


I am sorry I missed this post.... tried to upvote and it gave me an error. Thanks fora very informative post... as well as a really good musician. Loved the music.

Thank u my man @themagus, I'm glad you started the #vinyljunkies thread, this week I'll post a new review, it takes time though!


But music is worth spending time on .... not so?

Absolutely! :)

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