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This is the ceramic cookie jar that I remember being in our house when I was a child. I always thought it was adorable, so my parents gave it to me many years ago when they were no longer using it. It has graced at least four kitchens, if not five, since I've had it and it always makes me smile. For the past few years, it has been packed-away in storage building with most of my possessions, which I am now going through in addition to Mom's and Dad's things. I was so thrilled to find this again and make sure it was still okay!

In the 1960s and prior, this was the type of container in which cookies were placed once they cooled from the baking process. Tupperware® and similar products have almost exclusively replaced many of these charming cookie jars from households. Granted, this container is not airtight, as it does not have a rubber seal around the lid, but it is certainly perfect for storing pre-packaged snacks. Air-tightness might not be an issue in larger families where fresh-baked contents would be consumed within a day or two.

The face of the Cocker Spaniel puppy is so sweet, and I like the basket-weave pattern on the base of the jar. Even the word "Cookies" is rendered in a stylish, quite interesting font. On the pebble-patterned bottom of the container are what might be the letters "MC" but it is difficult to be certain. No other markings can be seen. So, I'm not sure if this was a commercially-made item, or whether it was handmade by an individual potter. Due to the complexity of the piece, I am leaning towards the former, although some amazing pieces of pottery have been made by talented artists.

I wish I could remember the provenance of this item, if I ever knew it. I imagine that my mother probably told me, long ago, where she acquired it, whether it was a housewarming gift from a friend or relative, or perhaps a wedding present when she and Dad married, but I cannot recall. 😕

But, I definitely remember this item, perched on the back of the kitchen counter, when I was a child, and am thrilled to be able to give it a home after all these years and to appreciate the significance behind it!



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Very very cool piece thing!
thanks for sharing a bit from your childhood, @thekittygirl

and thanks for sharing on #pypt @pypt

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What a gorgeous jar. And what history. A treasure.

Just looking at that jar makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! Such a great piece. I'm glad you found it and brought it out to bring daily pleasure again. It was much more simple, but I remember the glass candy jar my grandmother always had at her house. I took it for granted as a kid, but now the thought of it brings an overwhelming sense of HER to my mind. I'll have to ask my mother if she kept it.

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I remember my Mom... she had three cookie jars, one for each of us, her kids! It was to keep my brothers from eating too many cookies, hahaha.
Great photos. The cookie jar blended so well with the texture of your wall.
Have fun today, my friend @thekittygirl and take care. 😍🎃🎃🎃🌺🤙

Ohh that is so adorable and so good its still with you ;)

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There are certain objects that are priceless because of the memories they hold

Old world charm like that is amazing to see. I have not seen a cookie jar in ages you are right they were sadly replaced with Tupperware which is not as appealing to the eyes!

Always nice to see something get passed down from one generation to the next as well. They just don’t make stuff like the use to. That blue in the eyes that has lasted is something special.