Appropriate awareness of prevention of diabetes

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Diabetes patients are increasing day by day all around the world. Diabetes complications are also increasing with the rise of diabetes. However, taking appropriate preventive measures can reduce the number of patients with diabetes. Obese, whose family members have diabetes, those who have diabetes during pregnancy have a greater risk of diabetes in their future.
According to the American Diabetes Association, it is possible to prevent diabetes. Diabetes control is possible if physical exercise and exercise, selection of proper diet, control of heavy weight of the body, control of body weight. The right foods include - eating carbohydrate regularly, avoiding soft drinks, taking protein rich foods, avoiding oil-greasy foods. There will also be adequate sleep and emotional stress.
Studies have shown that the chance of diabetes decreasing by 16 percent every few kilos. Therefore it is possible to reduce the risk of diabetes through regular exercise and walking. Diabetes prevention is now a big challenge. Therefore, there is a need to increase awareness of prevention of diabetes at every stage of the society starting from person level.

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Diabetes mellitus is a totally preventable disease, treatable and according to my experience as an internist until curable, if only the patient does not have healthy lifestyle habits as you mention it here. Food is essential, a diet low in refined carbohydrates, high in consumption of vegetables and fruits with low therapeutic content, as well as aerobic exercises and some, and daily rest of 7-8 hours per night, are the most basic strategies for the control and proper functioning of the organism.
On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that patients with diabetes also have fun and establish an adequate methodology so that they may or may not eat or have a party, for example, it is also essential.
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