Uniting a niche Crypto-community under Vincent Briatore and my first ever hashtag...#vincentB

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It is true, this is the first time I have ever used a hashtag in all of my social media career. I'm doing so in support of Vincent Briatore's new venture to bring together a new community of crypto-minded people here on Steemit.

My thoughts on Steemit:
This is my first steemit post. Here I am. I've Never been a blogger, I don't have a twitter or insta, and my fb has been deactivated for the last few months because other than keeping in contact with certain people, I felt like it was a huge waste of time. Steemit, however, has really caught my attention. It combines the utility of reddit with the decentralized nature of blockchain and cryptocurrency. While I can look up/participate in discussions and ask questions to a special community, I can be earning decentralized crypto at the same time! genius I say.

My Thoughts on Vincent Briatore and AD4M coin:
It took me awhile to get through all the FUD(fear, uncertainty, doubt) on this guy. I've been following him on his youtube channel for months, and have finally come to the decision he is a good guy who is here to help us out. I am not a programmer or super techy so I have tried to tread very carefully in my journey; mainly, I try to never take anyone's advice without fully vetting them and doing heaps of my own research in addition. If you are not sure of someone or something that someone said, never act on it until you are sure. Vincent Briatore is not scammer. He is not a pump'n'dumper and he does not promote any coins or tokens that he is not personally invested in himself. On top of that, he has ideas for ways that crypto-currency could help create a utopian-esque city in the near future. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this project will be financed by getting people like us in this steemit community to buy into this Ad4m coin. The idea of a utopian crypto-city may seem a little pie-in-the-sky but I really like the idea and am here to support it. If anyone here knows how I can get in early and buy some tokens please let me know.

The VincenB Tag:
First off know this -- if you upvote me or comment I will immediately be returning the favor. Please do so n lets get rollin' with this. Like many of you, I am not a whale in this game. However, I got in early with a small investment when btc was at $800 so this last year has been awesome. I got lucky because despite learning and making some early mistakes, the market as a whole has still done so well that I am sitting on a portfolio with a bit of money in it now. As I am yearning to make more risky day-trades, I really want to keep the majority of my holdings in btc, eth, ltc, bcash, qtum and omisego. Basically, that leaves me nothing to work with. That's where this new vincentb tag and our new awesome community comes in. Let's help each other earn some new crypto!! I promise to be an active member here and help you guys as much as I can, so please, upvote this post and share it with whoever you can. Bring on meaningful articles and ideas and discussions and this group can really take off. Just make sure to upvote anyone with the vincentB tag and you are in. Yee


Hey, I'm new in Steemit too. All thanks to Vincent.
It's good to explore something new everyday because you'll never know, life can surprise you in a good way. All the best to you in your crypto journey!

Not bad for your first! Follow back!

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