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RE: Fox News STILL denying climate change. Joke!

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The ulterior motives of who? People like me who just want the hunt for fossil fuels to stop? The scientists living mostly off grants have ulterior motives when they tell us that the amount of carbons we are putting in the air is unhealthy? Have you ever been to LA to breathe the air and you wanna tell me our emissions don't matter? I respect your opinion, but if you are concerned about ulterior motives, shouldn't you be concerned about the motives of oil and gas companies whose billions of dollars is in the pockets of the country's top lawyers and politicians? They lobby for more socioeconomic power right in our faces all the time. If you are not worried about the fossil fuel peddlers controlling our socioeconomic environment and you aren't worried about them destroying the planet's atmosphere and resources, I'm quite curious to understand whose motives you are worried about?
Don't worry i got you an upvote n all, and I am aware there are other things affecting climate change, but I certainly do disagree with a notion that we as a species haven't had an impact on what's happening here in our oceans and atmosphere.