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Hey guys,

Anyone excited about RefToken needs to know about the exchange, CoinFalcon. The platform offers a very user-friendly interface, not dissimilar to Coinbase, making it comfortable to use for new users. On the other hand, there is an advanced view of the market for users comfortable with an interface similar to Bittrex, Kucoin, Binance etc. CoinFalcon also hosts a voting system in order to vote new coins onto their exchange. I see all the signs of an exchange that is ready to serve its users as best it can.

So far, while overall volume is still fairly low, Ref token is dominating their market. This new token which offers an affiliate marketing platform, ran by smart contracts on a blockchain, has had a huge lack of exchange support since its inception into the market not much more than a month ago. Okex is not available in the states, and Idex's volume was so low it is difficult to purchase at market price, so traders based in the U.S. have been left out. With CoinFalcon in the mix, trades have picked up. In addition, CoinFalcon is offering a large ref token giveaway for people making the most trades on their exchange with Ref. This is very exciting as a RefToken holder, so I wanted to make the steemit community aware.

So check out RefToken, and ERC20 token ready to create more trust in the affiliate marketing industry via smart contracts, now available at CoinFalcon -

Even if RefToken is not on your radar yet, check out CoinFalcon as a user-friendly exchange offering markets not available elsewhere -

Happy trading!


I'm actually really excited to pick some up. Ever since Vincent brought it up, I've been watching it.

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