Crypto Monkey: Most used word in January 2018 = FUD

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Hello people,

I hope you're having a good time during this period of big FUD! FUD? What is FUD?


It stands for:

F = Fear
U = Uncertrainty
D = Doubts

I think it's safe to say that this is the mood or status of many people, especially new joiners, in the crypto space at the moment. I see tousends of people that joined only one month ago..when Coinbase was the most downloaded app. The assumption was that Bitcoin could only go up and so the entire crypto market. Nobody saying that this is not possible anymore. But it's quiet clear that we're going acutally during this typical January "depression".
So, if you take a look at the charts of the past 3 years it's occuring every year around this time. Some people say it's the Chinese and Lunar New Year, some people say it's people that want to regsiter losses for TAX purposes. The truth is that nobody know exactly what's going on at the moment.
I simply suggest that you relax and wait till this time is over. At the moment the market is on a dip and moving sideways. If you're afraid, don't put more money in it even if many people suggest you to buy on the dip. Just go with the flow and enjoy the right. The Crypto Space has still a bright future and we want to ensure to have our spot in it!

Sandro aka Crypto Monkey

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Right on. Some FUD is real, but we should just try to understand the sources of FUD as best as possible, and then just relax. And not everything is FUD, sometimes corrections are just corrections. Although sometimes it is hard not to get upset at irresponsible news outlets putting out FUD just to get readers.

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Each & everyone is having their own thoughts their own analysis about the market but the one thing is know that the people who got REKT in this is only NEWBIE who just don't know what is going on in the market & face loss here,so we have to educate the people to know more about the market situation so that they won't make any panic situation.

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so is it k if i invest in steem

great one @sandroc ,

Whenever I am trading and feel any FUD, I just leave my coins in and go to sleep. Cryptos are here to stay. sure its a bumpy ride but there is a destination...The future

no point to check the rates every hour. You had your research, you acquired your tokens, you HODL. Period. Check it monthly, weekly, daily (whatever is more convenient for you). For long-term strategies, only, which we think is the best way to capitalize on Crypto assets growth. Devote your time to studying, time with family and personal health (fitness or any similar activity)

You are very right, the long term strategy is a lot more healthy and beneficial on the long run.

Yeah i do the same thing lol

thank you, your post

Russia and Turkey for the first time in the world trade between them using bitcoin it is wonderful it will be worth more bitcoin 💲💰💱💵☺

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Really good perspective, thanks!

Coinbase was once the most downloaded app? wow!

That is a bright future for crypto :)

Im still trusting..,

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buy the fuking dip , just dont care about FUD lol
play smart

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Great points, & very well said! Thanks Sandro!

Oh totally man the FUD is rife, but just hold the line,

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